RECENT HISTORY: Ser Arris's condition was probably caused by accelerated >depassivity from a long artificial sleep, after being pulled from the wreckage of a recent Cargo ship disaster at Mendra spaceport. After a satisfactory physical recovery, the subject was kidnapped in a violent attack on the hospital resulting in a number of fatalities. The subject seems to have escaped his kidnappers, and is now in possession of a spaceship, trading and fighting his way across the galaxy, seemingly in search of his lost identity.

REVOLUTIONARY 3D space combat engine supporting a vast number of fully textured ships, space stations and planets in high-detail SVGA, with phong shading, spotlighting and lens flare effects.

ADVENTURE is not confined to the cockpit - once planetside, the player may visit a multitude of locations, and meet a vast array of characters, realised through the talens of Clive Owen, John Hurt, Mathilda May, Jurgen Prochnow and Christopher Walken

The SOPHISTICATED trading environment allows the player to make money dealing in numerous commodities across three solar systems, with prices continually shifting according to planetary market situations.

MULTIPLE main and sub plot story lines require shrewd detective work, utilising the vast databases of the three systems.

An EXTENSIVE variety of ships, weapons and equipment are available to help you meet the demands of over 150 non-linear missions.

In Privateer 2, there are NO-RULES. You can fly over 100 different missions in 18 different ships. Check out whatever you want ― unique planets, space stations, bars, prison pits and more. But without money, you're nothing. Ship upgrades, loadouts, repairs, wingmen, information ― everything here costs money. You'll have to hunt, trade, and fight to get it.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 95 - The Deluxe Edition of Privateer 2: The Darkening is native to Windows 95 and requires Windows 95 to install and play the game.
  • Computer - Privateer 2: The Darkening requires at least a Pentium™ 75MHz or 100% compatible processor. A processor that is equal to or faster than a Pentium™ 90MHz processor is recommended. This game was tested fully with Intel-based processors. Other processors may not be compatible.
  • Memory - A minimum of 16MB of RAM installed in your computer is required to play this game.
  • Video Card - A 1MB (or greater) SVGA (640x480) video card that is compatible with Microsoft DirectX is required.
  • Hard Drive - You must have a minimum of 40 MB free on your hard drive to install and play this game.
  • CD-ROM Drive - A 4x-speed CD-ROM drive is required.
  • Mouse - A mouse (Microsoft or 100% compatible) that works under Windows 95 is required to play this game.

Game Controls:

Afterburner Tab
Fire guns Space
Fire missile Enter
Fire mine Backspace
Accelerate +
Decelerate -
Full speed ]
Full stop [
Cycle targets forward A
Cycle targets backward Z
Select closest hostile W
Select closest friendly S
Select target in crosshairs Q
Disable targeting Alt-T
Toggle radar style Alt-R
Cycle guns G
Full guns F
Cycle missiles M
Cycle mines B
Damage HUD D
Comms HUD C
Forward view F1
Left view F2
Rear view F3
Right view F4
Chase view F5
External ship camera F6
Target external view F7
Target chase view F8
Fixed camera F9
Cinematic camera F10
Toggle distress receiver O
Enable tractor beam T
Disable tractor beam Y
Warp shields Alt-W
Transmit BSE virus Alt-B
Activate PAD (on base only) P


Open the navigation screen by pressing Alt-N. Press F. Type one of the following and press enter.

  • no TALENT (Invincibility)
  • REP ME UP (Repairs armor and shields)
  • NAPALM (10 nukes) The first 9 nukes are full nukes, lasting the normal duration of about 3-4 seconds. The 10th nuke however lasts only a second, thus it doesn't do that much damage and can kill only very weak targets (most fighters stay alive with 25-50% hull intact).
  • PETY PETY (Full afterburners)
  • CHILL OUT (Resets laser heat level to 0)