Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix mercenary guild, official IFF tag |DP|, was founded to provide organized support and assistance to other professionals in the galaxy. This support and assistance contains:

  • helping police against criminals (i.e. hunting smugglers, pirates and others)
  • helping criminals against police (i.e. protection of smuggler-convoys, increase pirate's firepower)
  • helping criminals against criminals (i.e. protection of smuggler-convoys, increase firepower where ever needed)
  • helping police against police (if necessary)
  • backing all kinds of pilots in special operations (i.e. Inner Core missions, weapons-transport from Inner Core to Sirius, Dervon-mission)
  • support in trading activities (i.e. providing freighters for commodities-transfers from trains to stations etc.)

We are here to keep the balance between good and evil!

We are available for hire in accordance to the Galactic Law.

We don't set bounties*, we kill for bounties - but we are not obliged to.

We kill non-DP-mercs, when they come between us and our target!

We help newbies with information and basic equipments.

We are lawkeepers. And we are criminals - if necessary.

We have all kinds of ships for all kinds of missions.

We sell Alien-guns from Inner Core.

We fight for customers with honor.

We are neither good nor evil.

We fulfill our contracts.

Is there anything you need?

If we don't have it, we will go get it!

Contact us in game or via PM, chat or roleplay boards!

* exception: if someone breaks our Sigma 17 rules, we can decide to set a bounty.