The Dark Phoenix Clan

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  • Dark Phoenix mercenary guild, official IFF tag |DP|, was founded to provide organized support and assistance to other professionals in the galaxy. This support and assistance contains:

    • helping police against criminals (i.e. hunting smugglers, pirates and others)
    • helping criminals against police (i.e. protection of smuggler-convoys, increase pirate's firepower)
    • helping criminals against criminals (i.e. protection of smuggler-convoys, increase firepower where ever needed)
    • helping police against police (if necessary)
    • backing all kinds of pilots in special operations (i.e. Inner Core missions, weapons-transport from Inner Core to Sirius, Dervon-mission)
    • support in trading activities (i.e. providing freighters for commodities-transfers from trains to stations etc.)

    We are here to keep the balance between good and evil!

    We are available for hire in accordance to the Galactic Law.
    We don't set bounties*, we kill for bounties - but we are not obliged to.
    We kill non-DP-mercs, when they come between us and our target!
    We help newbies with information and basic equipments.
    We are lawkeepers. And we are criminals - if necessary.
    We have all kinds of ships for all kinds of missions.
    We sell Alien-guns from Inner Core.
    We fight for customers with honor.
    We are neither good nor evil.
    We fulfill our contracts.

    Is there anything you need?

    If we don't have it, we will go get it!

    Contact us in game or via PM, chat or roleplay boards!

    * exception: if someone breaks our Sigma 17 rules, we can decide to set a bounty.
    more infos follow ...

  • many historians were hired and other investigators earned a lot of money too.

    result: the so far known history of the Dark Phoenix clan

    828AS/3008 A.D.

    The first mentions of the Dark Phoenix were around the time of when a
    notorious mercenary clan known as Knights of Mercy (PX) was one of the
    biggest and most active clans in the known (Crossfire) universe. Rumors
    report about a splitting of a small group of elite fighters from PX because
    of their opponent ideas regarding policy and profits. Later on this group
    gave itself the name Dark Phoenix. Because like the fabulous bird it
    revived out of the ashes of PX-internal fights. They were such a nuisance
    for PX that they had a KoS placed on them. What results this had are not
    known, for much has been lost or forgotten since then.

    833AS/3013 A.D.

    Soon after the downfall, and disbanding of The Knights of Mercy, the
    Dark Phoenix clan shifted from the shadows of deep space from whence
    they were hidden. Under the wise leadership of SolidNebula and his
    second in command, Shockwave, the Dark Phoenix clan began to once again
    make a careful but resolute presence in the Crossfire universe. Later,
    Dark Phoenix administrative clan leader denne was recruited into the
    fold of this honorary mercenary clan. From there on, things have gone
    smoothly, with the inclusion of multiple new members and new
    opportunities that presented themselves.

    834AS/3014 A.D.

    DP established its name and economy and they even were elected as the
    commanding party of the Sigma 17 system since they significantly reduced
    the permanent criminal threat of Outcasts and Corsairs in this part of
    the border worlds - and because of their wealth, of course. As |DP|denne
    set to mastering the art of leading the Dark Phoenix clan and its
    members, SolidNebula and Shockwave slowly faded away, only popping up
    from time to time for a brief look at what their clan had been up to and
    to see what news had been going around in Sirius and nearby systems.
    Rumors tell us about a moon in Altair that was bought by an unknown and
    rich guy with Sirius slang and the look of Solidnebula. Allegedly he
    very often gets visit of another man with obviously roots in Sirius and
    his girls. Nobody knows if that is really Shockwave, but we all wish
    them luck and fun whereever they are.

    835AS/3015 A.D.

    Meanwhile DP became one of the most active clans, providing help in all
    thinkable ways to whomever pays most, shortly before establishing its
    new headquarter and investing large funds into science and developing of
    new military and civilian technologies. Their reputation increased so
    high that all Sirius Houses and other clans agreed to give DP the right
    and honor to provide an own Galaxy Ranger: AZ09 (Quote: "Hell ya, i do
    this job. I love alcohol and babes, but without justice they don't

  • And then there came the time, when the famous Galaxy Ranger AZ09 decided to do it like SolidNebula and Shockwave. With all the missions against Outcasts he earned enough credits to buy a continent on a planet far away from Sirius and its ongoing fights and clashes. He opened tourism centers for surfing, parachuting, shark-riding and other borderline sports and became a silent legend for many adventure seekers all over the known galaxy. There is no need for him to show off to gather girls attention anymore. The girls come to him now and seek for his attention. Quote by AZ09: "The secret was, to find myself. With that done, now all what i need finds me." If You think Chuck Norris is cool, then you never met AZ09. Well, from time to time he still comes to visit us for a drink, or 20 or so, for good old days :)

    But is the story of the Dark Phoenix over?

    One chapter is closed. The next one is just starting.

    To all rulebreakers, abusers, dishonorable pilots: be aware of the new Galaxy Ranger. He is out there and he will care for justice and obeying the rules.

    To all abused pilots all over the galaxy: call for [GR]dented_ship [color=#FFD700]and he will come and help you.

    if he is online of course.