Morning Nomad Hunt

Morning Nomad Hunt

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See you in Arena system at 09:45am servertime!

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  • Thank you Wanderer. It is so complimentary to be asked. Not at the moment though. Other things are taking precedent. But thank you again and good hunting.

  • Event moved to April 30

  • Hi Guys. I hope I can make it, but might be out at that time :( I will try my best though. I do know that LRMK and Dangerzone will not be able to make it as they have no pc that is able to play crossfire atm :(

    • Damn, I feel for them so much :( :(

    • Haha, Yeah. They got a laptop to use but crossfire is so slow and glitchy on it, seems the graphics aint good enough to run smoothly

    • From my experience, CF runs quite well on weak discrete cards or modern integrated graphics - e.g. on Intel HD 4600 in my CPU (released in 2014) it shows around 50 fps at 1920x1080 (still a bit laggy) and over 75 fps at 1280x720 (very smooth). During activation I selected High-quality effects: Disabled, Compatibility mode for old graphic cards: Activated, Render low res Nebula clouds: Activated. Also, shader selection in launcher may influence performance quite a bit. Vanilla FL is the fastest, but it's also worth trying FXAA or SMAA which look better while not being very hungry on your hardware... I strongly recommend you to test the game with above settings and maybe that laptop will surprise you :)

    • I will look into that. It was an older second hand one, But still has a good dual core processor and 4 gb of ram, runs win 10 as well :)

    • P.S. On weak hardware, it is very important that V-Sync is force-disabled in graphic cards' control panel (frame rates mentioned above and notably reduced mouse lag were only achievable this way)