Diary of Ajay. "Back In Charge". X-ray + flak knows what day.

Fanfiction elements are used. Be aware.
Once again. As usual. Opening a sensor pad and entering security code - stream of expletives, Ajay's style. Enter. Pre-recorded voice turns on.
-Подождите... Ожидаем авторизации... Личность подтверждена, _______ И.И.- кодовое имя Аджай. Проверка систем.
Жизнеобеспечение работает.
Системы радара, РЭБ и связи активированы.
Проверка идентификационных кодов завершена.
Двигатели и ускорители в норме.
Орудийные системы готовы.
Ракетная установка "Немезида" заряжена.
Торпедная установка "Солнцеубийца" ожидает цели.
Блокиратор движения "Москит" готов к запуску.
Установка самонаводящихся мин готова к постановке.
Ложные тпловые цели инициализированы.
Щит "Чемпион-у" готов к запуску.
Доступ к батареям щита и наноботам готов.
Системы управления инициализированы.
Чайный пакетик заряжен в кружку, чай будет готов в ближайшее время.
CNS "И-939 Бродяга", истребитель космического превосходства класса "Василиск" полностю готов к взлету.
(-Please stand by... Awaiting authorisation... Pilot confirmed, _______ I.I, Codename Ajay. System check.
Life support working.
Radar, ECM and uplink systems activated.
FFI codes check completed.
Engines and thrusters fine.
"Nemesis" missile launcher loaded.
"Sunslayer" torpedo launcher awaiting target.
"Mosquito" CD ready for launch.
Homing mines ready to be dropped.
False heat targets initialised.
"Adv. Champion" shield is ready to launch.
Access to nanobots and shield batteries is ready.
Piloting systems initialized.
Teabag is loaded to cup and tea will be ready as soon as possible.
CNS "I-939 Stranger" "Basilisk"- class Space Superiority fighter is completely ready to take off.)
Navigational map... F*ck, where I am? Let me guess... The Westfalen... Yeah, right. Westfalen. Time to leave this hellhole.
Uplinking to Coalition Flight Controls, to get an access to a superlong range scaners. Gorlowka carrier asks for authorisation, again. Take it, f*xors. OK. Hi, colleauge, get me the direct uplink to scaners and can be free. Well, ALL of those intel officers are f*xing lazy. I know, I've been one. Well... Scaners here, that's good!
Coalition FTL scaners show two pilots in Dervon system. FFL codes... Husker? Ah, a friend! Maybe he needs my help. Gonna ask him.
-"Need any support, m8?"
-"If you want - join"
-"OK, "Flying tank" is on the move".
Coordinates... Hamburg ->Frankfurt->Sigma13->Sigma17->Theta->Omega 41->Utopia->Dervon. All systems are flakking green. Okay, bye, old piece of junk called "Westfalen Battleship".
Some minor confrontations with corsairs and Outcasts. I eat them for a lunch in Vega.
Taking a cup full of tea. Cup is marked "Chrysantemum Killer No.1 - Coalition Space Navy Praporshik Ivan "Ajay" K.". The gift from Myoko Battleship captain... And BTW, Space Navy ALREADY needs to promote me. At least High Praporshik. Or Low Lieutenant.
Well... Omega-41. Never liked this hellhole. A Chernobyl of the Sirius Sector. Utopia jump hole... here it is. flying there.
Arrived on Bismarck battleship. At that moment Husker seem to take a mission on GMG base. Heading to Dervon.
-"OK, Dervon, here I go!"
When I arrived, Husker and second pilot, Thelostone, were fighting with ancienst UAV. OK, time for my Gatlings to heat up!
I picked up a drone and fired a torpedo at it. Oh, time to meet a REAL challenge!
After a mission we decided to fly at open space and fight wave after wave...
Thelostone had a "bad" equipment, so he hoped to get some ancient energy cannons. Husker got a graphic lag.
Once Thelostone was downed, and then... Then all of the fire was dropped to my Basilisk. Maneuvering as fast as this piece of armor can, I was trying to survive. All bats gone. After another wave we decided to fall back
I checked a cargo hold. WOW, 4 Ancient Energy Cannons! I gifted them to Thelostone and we headed back to Utopia. Husker had landed on Triangulum and left.
I had reloaded a tea cup and left Triangulum. Everything great, heading back to Vega. Thelostone had joined me.
In Omicron Alpha I was caught by a big group of outcasts. As again, those s*xors were downed.
I landed at Karnak prison and then left.

"Across the savage skies and through the fissures in the fields,
The rumble of the engines and the trundle of the wheels,
Through hell and horror trudge and yet their spirits never yield.
Will they sing of these forsaken pawns of war?"
-Miracle Of Sound, "Pawns of War".

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  • :) shame you play in different time ... in Dervon is now also something more as usual old Drones :) ... rumors say about similar looking ship flying safely with Drones.

  • Actually, at the evening of the same day, I was again hunting in Dervon with EvGenius (also known as germes on this site) and Нуб. Got 9 Ancient Energy Cannons.

  • Comments, mates, comments...