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Sticky The Steel Hearts Clan - |TSH|

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    The Steel Hearts Clan - |TSH|

    The Steel Hearts Clan - |TSH| cornerstone was laid in Kyushu during restless times when The Order started to gather all their resources and needed to also acquire support from all Sirius houses for a joint operation with the Dom'Kavash against hostile aliens coming to the Milky Way through Hyper-Gates located in the galaxy's inner core. With this arise also the need to ensure at least some order in space controlled by the humans.

    In Crossfire space we are acting as a police force. Our main objectives include the support of galactic law and safety of flight for civilian pilots in the whole of known human space. As a police officers we can hunt and stop all pilots performing illegal activities - pirates (in general), smugglers (all pilots transporting illegal cargo), and mercenaries working for above mentioned pilots or which were involved in taking bounties (bounty kill is also considered illegal act). In addition, we would offer our help to all law-abiding citizens that will need protection against pirates or mercenaries.

    We have found a home in the Sea of Shadows (SoS) system. With the newly discovered short connection to the central Sirius crossroad system X-3043, and still only one jump from Liberty space, this system was the perfect choice to serve as a center of police operations. As an official clan we have built in SoS our own modular base, where access is primarily granted for clan members.

    Clan Commissioner (leader):
    Clan Founders: , , .

    “Believing in values other than plain profit, they throw their old badges, pins, golden farewell watches
    into a pot and melted them  -  to armor their believing hearts and fitting their wings with knifes.
    Out of their freetime and civilian existence, out of their beliefs they mount their machines to do,
    what has to be done, even if only to temper their own conscience.”

    TSH clan base - Libra Tower

    On the right you can see the actual appearance of our base. To reach that state there was needed more than two months, more than a thousand soulforge train shipments, and countless cases where it was necessary to cooperate on loading and/or unloading of these trains. And building of the base was only a beginning ...

    For those who are interested to see how our base evolved in time, please click on the picture to the right. It will open our base build album in the new browser window.
    TSH clan base Libra Tower - Level 18

    To assure that our members have maximum fun during their time in space we have prepared a few Rules of Conduct. They are focused on fair play and should offer more fun not only for us, but also for those with who we will interact in space:
    • Server rules: ALL our members must know and obey the server rules at all times!
    • RP license: ALL (no exceptions) member ships need to be equipped with a proper RP license (police).
    • Law enforcing(hunt): Members are allowed to switch to any combat ship closer to the pilot who is performing illegal activity. If such pilot decides to run, and a HUNT is started, members are FORBIDDEN to switch to another combat ship to gain position advantage. Play hard, but fair!
    • Non-combat ships used for illegal activities: Members are ordered to ask for the fine prior to destroying such ship (no matter if this is a pirate ship).
    • Fine payment is refused: Members are advised to limit in killing such pilot! Do not drive players off the server!
    • Illegal cargo: The decision to issue the request “dump illegal cargo” depends on each member's assessment of the situation. If such pilot is willing to pay a fine, he can be released with their cargo untouched.
    • Illegal trade: Members MAY NOT trade in goods considered illegal (BMGs, Artifacts and Cardamine).
    • Bounties: Bounties should be used as an RP trigger and not for harassment of players.
    • Contracts: Members can use (and it is recommended to do it regularly) mercenary services for support with their operations.
    • Reloading: Use of nanobots and shield batteries during a PvP engagement is PROHIBITED! In case of a mistake, members have to immediately cut engines, let their ship be destroyed and apologize to the opponent. It is allowed to reload for PvE (Player versus Environment).
    • Other clan’s systems: Members must respect the sovereignty and rules of other factions in their own territory. Members may not take action at all in ANY other clan’s system without the owner’s or our clan leadership’s authorization. As a mark of respect and courtesy, members should always warn a system owner that they are about to enter their territory (even if the access is already granted).
    • Clan treaties: Members have to work for the best interest of our treaties and alliances with other factions. Terms of each treaty or alliance must be known by each member and respected at ALL TIMES. Defending another clan’s home system (Defense agreement treaty) is Top priority.

    We welcome all players willing to join us that will fulfill the following requirements:
    • Min 30 hours on-line in Crossfire mod space (as total on all chars).
    • English (written) knowledge.
    • Know server & RP rules.
    • Like Police RP.
    • Is willing to learn and participate in PvP.
    • Will accept our clan Rules of Conduct.

    Once a player is accepted as a Recruit, he will have to show (be active) to us that he can be promoted to rank Constable and become a full member. Clan leader (Commissioner) has the ability to rename recruit' characters. Decision about when/whether a recruit characters are renamed depends fully on agreement between the recruit and Commissioner (or other high-rank clan member leading "recruitship").

    To officially start with recruitment you will need to send a personal message (PM) to the Commissioner () with following information:

    Character Name:
    Desired activity & Why you want to join TSH:
    Freelancer background:

    Definitions of the fields :
    Character Full Name is a virtual name for your RP character.
    Location is for determining your time-zone and play schedule.
    Desired activity & Why you want to join TSH is what you wish to do in the clan and why you in the first place decided to join us.
    Freelancer background is a short summary of your experience with FL mods. You should also give here info about a time you spent in Crossfire space (chars info - F8) .

    We have prepared a short document where we have gathered all important details about our clan. Download link is HERE. Below is placed preview using Google.docs:

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