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    HAHAHAHA, thank you! As long as it's on my cheat-meal day though ^^ , but wait... due to the epidemic it's a bit harder to keep the diet these days.

    And if you really want the best missiles and alien weapons, just pass the mission and send me your save. I couldn't get them due to the fact that you have limited time to save the station from being destroyed and the "time" was what killed the chance for me to get them.

    But anyway, we're glad to help you out, enjoy the mod. ;)

    I have renamed the save game "pewpew" because those laser Gatlings do lots of pew pew. I think they may even come under the heading of "enough dakka" :bodycheck::applaus:

    thank you so, so much! If I could, I would teleport you freshly made cookies :thumbsup: