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    Well, about -5 here, but it's rather unusually warm considering where "here" is.

    There already is snow though. And IIRC temperature did go below -20 C in November.

    Thanks, Ajay, for making me feel warm in comparison! :)

    Enjoy the Christmas BBQ!

    For a while, I was seriously considering buying a house in New Zealand, keeping my house in Japan, and spending the warm half of each year in the appropriate hemisphere. Various life issues caused me to revise my plans, but I might still do that eventually. NZ is a beautiful country, and I have friends there, so an "endless spring/summer" might still be in my future.


    That's what nighttime temperatures are sometimes like here in mid-summer (in a city that has several times set a record for hottest temperatures in Japan).

    I did have folks like yourself living in the warmer parts of the northern hemisphere in mind when I said

    nicely seasonal for many of us

    ..."many" but certainly not anywhere near "all".

    Enjoy the warm weather; I envy least, I do now when it's cold here.

    You might find it interesting that any night here in Japan with a temperature of 25 Celsius or above is considered a "tropical night" by the meteorological agency. Such nights used to be fairly rare, but have become increasingly common in the last decade or so.

    I see that it's snowing on the forum. It' a pleasant effect and nicely seasonal for many of us in the northern hemisphere.

    It gave me a moment of confusion, though.

    Where I am (a couple of hours' drive NNW of Tokyo), the weather forecasters have been suggesting that some snow might not be too far off.

    Right now I'm using a laptop set up with a large window behind it, and when I logged into the forum and encountered snow I did a double-take of sorts: I had to check to confirm whethrr I was looking at the PC screen or the window onto the yard.

    I'm happy to hear that the problem was solved very quickly.

    When I saw Dalian's question but before reading OP-R8R's answer, I was going to suggest inadvertent destruction might be the problem.

    It wasn't this mission, if I recall correctly, but another occasion when I was supposed to tractor something in--maybe a capture mission or looting something?--and ended up destroying it least that seems to have been what happened.

    It has been a long time since then, but I still approach wreck-looting rather delicately, using minimum force.

    "Once burned, twice shy", as they say.

    There is a walk-around for waiting: just enter formation with the NPCs that are currently docking, and you will jump together with them :)

    That's clever; thanks for the useful tip!

    I'm surprised at myself for not having (as far as I remember) ever tried that.

    There have certainly been many, many times when it would have come in handy.

    I'm tremendously impressed by the Lexicon, and very grateful for the huge amount of time and effort that you gentlemen have obviously put into it.

    Your dedication is very much appreciated!

    A ship crew getting high on Cardamine and going off course due to trippin' balls was not my idea though. At least, I do not remember writing that, so I wonder who managed to one-up me.

    Well, nobody actually said so, but the combination of a hold full of cardamine and having come to grief from following illusory sensor echoes seemed suspiciously like cause and effect to me. Possibly I have a nasty imagination, with a distinctly cynical bent.

    Having returned to Crossfire after a rather long absence, I redid the campaign, did the cool new side mission and explored the new region, and have settled down, in my well-equipped Haidar for now, to doing some itinerant trading and thorough (re)exploration.

    Now, I know that it's unkind to laugh at others' misfortune.

    While investigating wrecks in Coalition space, though, I found a couple of back story explanations that had me chuckling despite my best intentions.

    It's difficult, for example, not to laugh at the hubris that drove a couple of Xeno pilots to take on the entire Coalition by themselves, with entirely predictable results.

    But I found it impossible to avoid laughing after a careful investigation of a larger wreck elsewhere in Coalition space.

    At first, when I learned that the ill-fated crew had run into trouble while chasing random scanner echoes, I felt sorry for them.

    When I...ah...liberated their cargo--"looted" has such a negative sound--I became considerably less sympathetic.

    They had a full load of cardamine, and I'd be willing to bet that it was sampling their cargo that led the crew to see/hear spurious scanner echoes.

    Aide from the possible profits to be made from further investigation of wrecks, I now have another motivation: some of the stories behind them are pretty funny.


    I used a savegame of the last of the original missions, the one with the attack on the Nomad Dyson sphere.

    I played through that and then continued with the Crossfire story, and just in case was discreet about choice of ship: I stayed out of new systems until they were introduced in the story, so instead of going earlier than really "legal" to get a Chimera, I instead legitimately bought a Rapier VHF and played through with that.

    Which probably made no difference at all, but I decided--for once in my life--that "discretion is the better part of valor". ;)

    I am happy to report that this time, after redoing from the last savegame from the main story as OP-R8R suggested, when I returned from

    Renaissance space to Order HQ, the prompt to see Juni and King in the bar worked as it should.

    I have no idea what happened last time, but evidently it's OK now.

    Thanks very much for your assistance!

    Hi Martind, it's good to be back, and I'm glad that you remember me.

    That was the mission I used, and it seemed fine until I returned.

    I did run the patching utility, but it's possible that something went awry there; i'll try it, again since I don't think that should hurt anything.

    Since I got smoothly into Lost Fleet space and everything seemed to be fine while there, I was thinking that maybe I was supposed to hang around in Renaissance space until told to return, reminded (other than by the entry in the mission log) to return to Juni and King, or the like.

    I'll try the boss's suggestion about replaying from the end of the original story, too.

    Once I get home and onto the proper PC, I'll try again.

    It's been a long time since anyone called me a good boy, too.

    Black Star sounds intriguing, and that fighter looks very intimidating, indeed.

    I'm looking forward to this, having just had my appetite whetted thoroughly by the Lost Fleet.

    Thanks for the quick response.

    And thanks for all the work that must have gone into the beautiful new areas!

    Yes, I saw that you had made it possible to digress to Lost Fleet and then return to the main story.

    It appears that I was just unlucky, unless...was I supposed to wait for some message or mission update while in Renaissance space?

    I just toured all of the systems and bases, and returned to Sol system once I had seen everything there seemed to be to see, spoke to a few folks in the bars, etc., and returned without hearing/seeing any mission prompts.

    Perhaps I missed a trigger of some kind?