Vanilla Mission 1 - Can't maneuver after starting the fight by the prison ship

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  • When playing through the first mission of the vanilla freelancer campaign (in Crossfire), I suddenly lost control of maneuvering - Can neither turn nor roll. If I enter formation with King and then go back to free-flight, I get control back momentarily. Same if I enter and exit turret view - but I lose control again within a few seconds. The only thing I can think of is that I'm using an autohotkey script for chain-firing my weapons and that it might be some anti-cheat included with the mod for online play kicking in, but I've no idea if that exists. I'd just played through the whole vanilla campaign (without crossfire) using the autohotkey exes with no issue. I'll also mention that the ship handling feels weird in mouse maneuvering - it'll bank as I change directions. Not sure if that's a feature or a related bug.

    On a sidenote, the discord link both on the site's front page and in the launcher is apparently expired.

  • Have not heard about such issues before but it somewhat sounds like borderless window mode being overlapped by another software.

    Ive had this issue in other games before but usually alt-tabbing a few times fixes it.



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  • Ocasionaly I also loose control of maneuvering. That happens when I have rotating keys activated, specially after a while of an undocking situation. It is possible to gain control of the ship if that rotating mode is switched off.