No Man's Sky Origins/Prisms Update

  • Well, for some reason this update made it feel nicer when flying around space to see actual real stars in the background instead of a mostly static image... and on planets at night I am covered in the shine of thousands of real stars I can eventually go to. The other graphical upgrades and being one of the first games with DLSS is nice too but feels secondary xD

    Game has real multiplayer with teamwork missions (without needing to go the expeditions path), building, more storylines, etc... game is good now :D

    Here's a trailer:

    Chars: [CFPD]Michael~something (x25), [CFPD]~SQMS~{[(store)]} (x3), [CFPD]xfer, Event~Manager~Michael, StarfIier~EM~Michael, Event_Team_2, [GR]Michael[SP] and a blueprint of [CFPD]Sephirothis