Freelancer Movie ! (All Cutscenes in vanilla story)

  • Enjoy, for when you just want to go over some part of the memories without searching for your old saves... this one is in widescreen and with few effects but all vanilla. All in 1080p, from what youtube says at least...

    And just so it's complete, the FULL Freelancer Intro, like Director's Cut.

    If you prefer the REALLY complete playthrough n all (including racing Hovis), as well as combat n etc, here:

    Chars: [CFPD]Michael~something (x25), [CFPD]~SQMS~{[(store)]} (x3), [CFPD]xfer, Event~Manager~Michael, StarfIier~EM~Michael, Event_Team_2, [GR]Michael[SP] and a blueprint of [CFPD]Sephirothis

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