Secret Ops Transport Gets Major Overhaul

  • [feedquote='Wing Commander News','']The Secret Ops

    Model Upgrade Pack

    has a new Nephilim transport. Thanks to some graphical magic by Dark Sentinel and DefianceIndustries, the Triton goes from being an ugly gray


    to an exotic alien worm. It looks like a lot of fun to blow up!

    wcso_shipupgrade210t.jpgwcso_shipupgrade211t.jpgwcso_shipupgrade212t.jpgwcso_shipupgrade213t.jpgwcso_shipupgrade214t.jpg Here's the explodey version!


    Update time true believers! Today we are showcasing another great Nephilim ship brought to you by Dark Sentinel. The Triton (aka Leatherback) transport. Essentially a giant cigar case with guns, DS has done a great job making it look more like the original concept art, good and buggy! He's also bringing spines back. That's right spines! This ship is loaded with them! If you don't like spines, go home! Also I got the fun part of blowing it up, and so can you! Look for this and other exciting Nephilim additions in the next patch - Coming soon!