PC Patch Notes for 5/3/18

  • [feedquote='Star Trek Online','/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/10892824-pc-patch-notes-for-5%2F3%2F18'] General: Romulan Imperial Minefield: Mission reward box at the end now shows the player all of the rewards received, not just the random item. Fleet marks awarded to all captains now, not just level 50+. The damaged asteroid mining facilities at Alpha, Beta, and Gamma now have small amounts of mines around them. Be careful! This is a minefield, after all. Resolved an issue that caused Romulan ships to fight each other at the end. There is now a small chance on each play through that a Romulan Republic ship will show up to assist. Resolved an issue that could cause players to get the "Go to Rally Point" button while already at the rally point. Resolved an issue that could cause the reward items at the end of the operation from being of a level appropriate to the player. Temporal Agents: Noted on Admiralty campaign progression that the goals apply only to Federation, Klingon, or Romulan admiralty campaigns. Changed PC Space Auto Attack default to Toggle. Which in game is listed as "Toggle, Target Change Cancels". Changed display name of the auto attack setting "Maintain while button is pressed" to "Maintain Auto Attack". The spotlight texture on the Type 1 Windows of the NX-Refit are no longer bright white. The Red Alert prompts will not be visible when on cooldown for Red Alerts. [/feedquote]