P2 Ad Highlights Stylish British Prose

  • [feedquote='Wing Commander News','https://www.wcnews.com/index.shtml#14204']Here's a pretty slick Privateer 2 ad from the UK that LOAF recently ran across. Overall,

    advertisements for The Darkening

    are some of the most unique and clever out of the whole series. The left page is headlined by a more traditional "Trips worth taking" tagline, but the right side is a bit more tantalizing with extended text and pre-release screenshots. Check it out below!


    Turn on, Tune in and Bug out.

    Welcome to the Trig-System, where your life is only as precious as your cargo, and your future only as bright as your piloting skills. In search of your lost identity, you'll have to bargain like Shylock, explore like Sherlock, and fight like a Warlock if you're ever to escape the threat of the mysterious Kindred.

    It's a trip not to be missed.