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  • [feedquote='Wing Commander News','']PC Gamer has launched a new

    best space games

    article. For starters, the list is rather long with more than 30 titles, and since it's "space games" rather than "space sims," there's some diverse jumping around between genres, which makes this one interesting. The majority of items here are from just the last few years, but there are three from the '90s: Privateer in 1993, Tie Fighter circa 1994 and The Dig from 1995. Rarely would we expect to see this trio called out amongst the likes of Destiny 2, No Man's Sky and Kerbal Space Program. So all in all, it's an odd assortment, but that also means it pulls in a slightly different audience than normal. They also provide the GOG link, so hopefully this draws some new fans into the fold!