Version 1.2.3 with Xbox One X 4k support released on Xbox and Windows Store

  • [feedquote='Everspace','']Hi, we've just released a new update adding 4k support for Xbox One X at 30 fps and an Xbox One X performance mode running in Full HD with imrpoved graphics at 60 fps.

    The update also comes with some bug fixes. See the list of changes below. Unfortunately, Unreal Engine 4.17 (which this new patch is using) broke our VR implementation, so we can't release this patch on Steam and GOG at the moment. So in order to release we need to have a running Unreal Engine 4.18 version. We started working on this a few weeks ago and are still not finished, as this version also caused a lot of problems (especially in VR) for us.

    We also just started working on the Encounters expansion for Xbox One / Windows Store. This might take a few weeks as well.

    New Features
    • Xbox One: Added Enhanced FullHD and 4K Mode for Xbox One X
    • Don't spawn old player wreck after current run was won
    • Make sure generic repair mission can only be finished after task was received
    • Switching user or gamepad while the game is running should be more reliable now
    • Make sure Ancient Wardens teleport back towards the level center after having left level bounds
    • Fixed gunship turret not being able to fire after a cutscene was triggered
    • Fixed Outlaw Station Turrets and Colonial Station Turrets having no collision
    • Fixed that the launch button could not be triggered with a gamepad while being on the codex tab in the hangar
    • Fixed not being able to scroll hardcore mode handicap screen with gamepad
    • Fixed some problems with jumping during cutscenes
    • Fixed wrong natural hazard dialog being played and Okkar being able to jump in if there is a cloud field hazard during a story mission
    • Fixed artillery turrets in last sector showing up as friends when close to them though they had not been activated
    • Fixed that you could be stuck in the selection wheel if opening it while jumping into a new zone
    • Fixed a bug where hardcore mode perks and blueprints could be transferred to normal game mode
    • Fixed final mission bug where the mission logic would not advance if the missile was fired too early
    • Fixed being able to use the jump target marker while in free-look mode