KoS (kill on sight): pros and contras

  • Hi @all members,

    due some people set me on KoS (kill on sight; it means they are allowed to try to kill me without warning), here some pros and contras:

    - warning, tax/fine before attack are not necessary
    - attack all ship types are allowed
    - allowed in all systems, exept New York (not possible to kill other players in this system), Arena, Hive and Coloseum (in some clan systems is KoS also limited, check clan rules for futher informations). Be care full when you hunt other players in IC. A lot of other players could be angry about you.

    - you are not allowed to set other players on KoS without any warnings (in my opion best idea is to write KoS in forum)
    - not allowed when your opponents are online with their [GR] or [EM]-chars, of course :-)
    - if you set other players on KoS you are automatic on KoS for them :-)
    - when players set other players on KoS and and attacked them on and on and on, the other players can't make money. If the other playes can't make money they can't set bountys on other players head, for example.
    - if you are a good fighter and kill your victim on and on and on, it could be that the other player leave the game and never come back, because it is frustrated.
    - if you are not a good fighter and try to kill the other player on and on and on, your opponents could be bored and will left the game.

    To player set on KoS is a good option when you want to kill other player out of standard RP, but don't forget the main RP (it makes no sense to set a player with pirate licence on KoS when you have a police licence, because in main RP pirates and police are already on KoS :-) ).
    And don't forget one of the most important thing: rememver that other players want to also have fun here :-)

    Kind regards,