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  • Hey mates,

    I believe that I owe you a showcase about our work on the PvP Training videos. The first video is ready but that doesn't mean that I can't get some feedback from you, both positive and negative -> EACH is welcome because I want to make it the way you want me to since I am not making these videos for myself.

    If you think that I need to add OR remove something, please let me know.

    Now, as I said... the first video is ready, but it lacks two things before I am able to publish it officially:

    1) Voice - Cover ( I need a native english speaker who can voice it over for me -> I will provide him/her with the information on what it needs to be said).

    2) Music -> But that's already covered and it will be added once the voice - cover is provided.

    I really need someone who is a native english speaker who will be able to help me finishing this(and the other videos) so I can publish them officially. EVERYTHING ELSE is covered (the videos, the editing, the music, the information, the assistant... etc.) ONLY voice - cover ... that's the only thing that I need in order to make these videos a reality.

    So please... if anybody who is a native english speaker can help, please let me know. Until then, the videos will be on hold and most probably NOT be published officially at all because the Voice-Cover is the most important thing we need as everything else is already covered.

    Here's the first video: Possible feedback:

    1) What needs to be added -> Like more effects, arrows, etc.

    2) What needs to be removed -> You name it.

    NOTE: It doesn't have ANY music or voice-cover(because as I said earlier, we desperately need help with this) because it will be added later.

  • Since no one has taken an interest for the voice-cover, the videos are on hold. Until the first video(Beginners) is completed, I won't be making any more recordings, because the video itself is ready and it needs the voice cover. I was thinking of adding a few more things to it, but generally is ready and it needs the voice - cover so I can publish it (I am not mentioning the music cuz I already said that it's covered).

    And now for the truth... if I could have done it myself with the voice over, I would have already done it. But the fact that when I am recording my voice it sounds completely different(which is a common issue btw, just look it up in Google/YouTube) and I don't know how to fix that. Don't get me wrong, I happen to love my voice but when I record it, it sounds completely different and I saw the reasons for it on Google & YouTube, but didn't see anything about how to fix it, probably a professional microphone would fix it, but who knows... Could be due to the fact that I am not used to speak out loud when I am alone and I have a plan to try that with my best friend if it could work for the videos, but we'll see.

    For now, without that voice-cover the videos are on hold and I won't be making any more recordings or won't be updating the PvP Manual (which is linked to the videos, as it would contain the whole information that I could think of and the videos just for showing the moves etc.). And again, don't get me wrong, I am NOT pushing anybody nor would I want such a thing, but when I said that I want to make these videos as best as possible, I meant it and a native english speaker is the best option for the voice-cover since these videos are in english.

    PS: Just wanted to let you know in case you were expecting the videos

    PS2(edit): Anyway, sorry for the disappointment.

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  • I've tried with the robotic voice, somehow it doesn't fit(the one I tried with was "Brian" from UK, since it was the best one I found).

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  • Well, since there are no better options, perhaps I will use the robotic voice. This "Harry" guy from UK sounds just like the "Brian" guy whom I found days ago when I was searching for Text To Speech voices. I tried the US voices first but the UK one sounds more realistic and I think it will fit best to the video.

    I will do the edit today and see how it will turn out. If I like it, I might just as well go with it, no matter that it's a robotic voice... after all we are not going to the Voice of the Universe contest. I'm sorry if I was a bit harsh, as I said before... I want to make it really good and I am not willing of putting text again (except for the subtitles).

    - Thank you guys anyway and I will get right with the edit now.

  • Update: Just added the first parts of the voice - "Harry from UK" (and still doing it for the rest of the video before adding the final part - the background music) and I think it will work perfectly.

    So, I will try to finish everything today and even the english subtitles as well.