Star Trek Online: Klingon Flash Giveaway

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    Klingons tell their children tales of the Bird-of-Prey taken by the Borg following the Battle of Wolf 359, the Klingon warriors spirits sapped and their ship assimilated by the Collective as they were taken away to the Delta Quadrant. Though their ship was never seen again, the personalities of its crew surfaced when Seven of Nine made contact with a Borg Viniculum aboard the U.S.S. Voyager.

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    As one of the largest of its kind, the K'Vort-class is more heavily armed and able to carry a larger crew than other Klingon Birds-of-Prey. As such, it is often used on missions in dangerous regions of space and is a formidable foe in battle. The K'Vort-class remained in the service of the Klingon Defense Force throughout the Dominion Wars.

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    Our Flash Giveaways prizes are available to any Captain with a valid U.S. shipping address. Any Captains outside of the U.S. who are picked will be granted an equivalent amount of ZEN.