Help me decide between 2 gaming laptops

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  • Hey guys,

    So, I'm in the process of buying a gaming laptop (don't ask me why, but it HAS to be a laptop).

    I am prepared and planning to go as far as 1500€, and for that price the best hardware spec that also delivers decent look is these two:

    1) Asus G752VT - 1500€ - i7 6700HQ (6MB), 8GB DDR4 2133MHz, GTX 970M 3GB GDDR5
    2) MSI GT72 Dominator - 1500€ - i7 5700HQ (6MB), 8GB DDR4 2133MHz, GTX 970M 6GB GDDDR5 with an USB 3.1 Port

    I looked into Alienware as well, but for this ammount of money I can get like 5500U and some medium crap GPU, just to get an awesomely designed and lighted laptop. I also read many reports saying the 2015 version overheats a lot for some reason.

    Storage space is the same in both laptops, and I plan to upgrade memory with 1 more 8GB stick, so that's not an issue.

    What I am curious to know about more is:

    1. Is there a performance difference between the two CPUs (5700HQ broadwell and 6700HQ skylake) I should know about? Both are 14nm technology, cpuboss says that the skylake version has almost double memory bandwidth - how much is that an impact on performance? Does 5700HQ have smart cache? the 6700HQ also has lower clock speed, but higher GPU clock speed. Turbo clock (boost) speed is the same on both CPUs.
    2. I know the additional 3GB of VRAM won't really affect anything pre-2015 performance, but since I'm planning to play all games on 1080p and ultra settings, and some newer games can use more than 3GB, it might be an option worth exploring - comments on this please.
    3. Is there a difference in cooling capability for the CPU and GPU between these two laptops that would mean something to me? I read that the G752V Asus has an extremely good cooling for a laptop.
    4. Is there a major downside in access to more sensitive parts of the laptop for cleaning in either of these laptops?
    5. From what I can tell, the Asus has the option of upgrading to either a regular m.2 SSD or a PCI-E m.2 SSD with ultra high read speed (4-5x higher than the regular SSD), while the MSI can only fit regular m.2 SSD - please confirm this.

    So, to conclude, what I want the most in the order of importance is:

    1. Powerful CPU and GPU for plenty and stable FPS with ultra settings on 1080p (will not be using 4k),
    2. Good cooling of both CPU and GPU,
    3. Robust looks with lighting system.

    Factors I don't really care much about:

    a) removable battery - I almost never use the laptop without the battery, so not planning to buy an extra one
    b) other brands with same spec for lower price like Sager and Clevo, those are thin laptops with rather bad cooling from what I can tell and read,
    c) weight - the laptop is transported in a car (sometimes in a backpack - an original Msi or Asus, depending on which one I buy), not on my shoulder, so weight is not an issue, I realise gaming laptop like these won't be the weight of a feather ;)
    d) memory size - already explained above
    e) storage size - planning to upgrade with SSD anyway; if any of these had m.2 SSD storage, the price would go somewhat up, I will upgrade storage later on

    Games I intend to play on it (mostly, but not exclusively):

    Call of Duty FPS series
    GTA V
    PES 201X
    Elder Scrolls
    Star Wars: Battlefront

    I will update the original post as I come up with new facts and questions.

    I appreciate any useful feedback You can provide,

    P.S. Please, do NOT try to convince me it's not worth it, and to get a PC instead, it is NOT an option! Help me buy the best gaming laptop which the best CPU, GPU, cooling and cool look for max 1500€.


  • ASUS ^^

    (always ASUS for me)

    About the questions, the processors are way more than enough (no matter which you choose between 4700HQ - 6700HQ) and the video between 2-4GBs in a laptop is more than enough as well. I think more than 4GBs(in this case 6GB) of video in a laptop would be too much of a heating since the laptops lack cooling and so much video in a laptop won't be good in the long-term(personal opinion, don't take it for a fact).

    Although both of them will do you good for a few years until the time comes for an upgrade(the other minus of having a laptop - can't upgrade it for better parts unlike the Desktop PCs).

    So, again - ASUS


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