Police patrol in New Berlin

  • Police patrol above Planet New_Berlin.

    Police TSH clan report: At star date 17-07-3015 was TSH officer doing small missions against local criminals in Omicron Theta and Tau-37. Suddenly his ship computer announced a warning that in X-3043 was spotted notorious pirate black_tulip. As he was still busy with local operations, officer decided to put small bounty 3M $ on pirate head and set his ship systems to report everything important related to pirate position and bounty status. It took some time, but then came report from Frankfurt that local patrol saw there pilot Nepesh, which was on theirs "watch list". There were not any reported criminal activities for this pilot, but in notes were entries regarding more confirmed kills, but no more details. This rised officer interest and he was watching what will happen. Nymesh quickly reached X-3043 through Quantos and Freeport 7 systems, and shortly after was received a message from Planet Crossfire offices that pirate ship with seriously damaged hull was only barely able dock on planet starport. This was only a first surprise, that Nymesh was working for mercenary guild. Another surprise was, that pirate survived, and started chasing mercenary which was heading to the New Berlin system.

    With such situation progression officer decided to stop his momental activities, his lightly armed ship was docked on prison in Shikoku and was taken heavy hunter chimera equipped for chasing tough criminals. He arrived to New Berlin when was pirate still searching for mercenary which attacked him earlier. Officer found his target above Planet New Berlin and started his attack. This first "round" was not much a success as he needed withdraw to Brandenburg Border Station. Second attack was much better and now pirate ship had to flee from fight with burning engines. After that space became quiet, and officer decided to relax there a bit. Ship scanner_ shortly displayed mercenary fighter, which safely landed on planet. But then has situation changed again, pirate with repaired and rearmed ship returned to space and the fight above New Berlin continued.