Skirmish in Utopia

  • Area around Battleship Bismarck was a place for a battle between pirates and police forces.

    Police TSH clan report: At date 11-07-3015 happened near Battleship Bismarck bigger skirmish between pirates and police forces. Everything started when was ongoing preparations for Ancients hunting in the Dervon system. There was reported an immediate threat - some of local drones were attacking hidden GMG installation and therefore was decided to stop this asap by force :vinsent: . Two humans groups later hit hard automated machines and pushed theirs patrols far far away from the GMG station. But before this happened, was alone flying police pilot |TSH|Haggisfudge coming to that operation viciously attacked in the Omicron Theta system by to that time unknown pirate burqe. Pirate attack was successful, and police ship was needed to repair on nearest planet Pygar. Police response was coming quickly, pirate was bountied by 10M and this generous reward should be still available for every brave mercenary flying in space. After this two pilots waiting in Dervon came to help and shortly after was launched operation in Dervon. But this was only a start for later affairs ...

    Pirate decided that he want more and headed to the Utopia system where docked on Battleship Bismarck (... a very nice tactical fail :P ) where he was waiting for returning police pilots. This tactics was proven as not much working since he was not able buy there ammunition ;) and arrived few officers at once ... pirate position was at that moment not the best one (nicely said). After arrived another two pirates, one coming from Triangulum City and one from the X-3043 system, but also they were pushed back hard. They called for further help and were strengthened by another pirate, while some from officers needed leave. Fights continued in meantime and moved to the Triangulum City where shortly after ended, as remaining officers decided to make some good celebrations in the city bars and leave space safely guarded by city orbital defences :saint::police: .