Borg Neural Processors on the Defera Invasion Zone

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  • Some may have noticed that the Modus Ooperandi mission in the Defera Invasion Zone doesn't actually reward any BNP. That's because there seems to be an error in the recent patch notes.

    The correct list for BNPs on Defera are as follows:
    Getting to the Bottom of Things
    Uninvited Guests
    Counter Offensive
    Knowledge is Key

    These are all only available on "Elite" game setting.

  • is that one BNP per day
    one BNP per mission per day?

    if its just one per day then you will have to grind an entire month for the maco sets and another month if you want the adapted ones aswell



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  • It's one per day. I run all 4 missions and only got one BNP.