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  • huh, what a day. a merc hunted by merces. well yeah, nothing new. i shot several merces and was even lucky to escape some trials to catch me. but the situation now is worse. a bounty of 51 mill, on my head! i still wonder how it came so far. uhm, let me think ...

    it started 2 month ago, when the leader of the new police clan (International) came to me. he asked for money for establishing his clan. well, since i am friendly with most police-men, in fact i got lots of jobs from them, i decided to help him. also regarding the growing pirate-problem in Sirius, it is good to rebalance the whole situation by this good deed of mine. ok, 90 mill credits is not a chickenfeed, but cops are usually trustworthy.

    it needed 2 month now to get back just 40 mill. how could it be? a cop, owning a Dreadnought and more than a billion credits is not able to give back some millions? well, i asked now dozens of times about the money and slowly it came to my mind, that it was never his intention to act in the right way and he wants to keep it. but hey, this was not a "donation"! i am a merc, maybe not always on law's side, but i hate corruption!

    so, i told this cop to give back my money immediately or i will order to the whole DP-clan a KoS on (International-Police) (including all of his chars). that's it, this warning scared him. he put the bounty on me. 51 mill. well, i feel honored. 51 mill on me, he must be really frightened. nevermind, this won't stop me. he got his warning, he answered with a bounty. the KoS-order is active now. till i get back my 50 millions.

    ... some days later ...

    how many days i am here now? 4? 5? aaah, this prison makes me sick. why the hell this damn merc brought me to BPA Newgate?!? well, it is not the prison itself, Bretoniacs simply don't know how to cook. and the English style while u are beaten by the damn jailers ... it was better that my escape pod burned than being here.

    ok, i got back my money from that International-cop. but he "forgot" to take away the bounty. 51 mill on ur head is always a good reason to be chased by any merc near u. ok, i was lucky to survive and the cop already contacted the commander of this prison to explain, that it was just a "misunderstanding".

    where is my damn advocate? he said, he needs 2 days to get here from Alaska. i hope, he is well, otherwise i'm afraid my unexpected dwelling here will last forever. what a horrifying imagination: being multi-millionaire and getting old in prison.

    "Make Love, not War." Sun Tsu

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  • It started like a normal boring Day. I was trading some Commodities needed fort he Production of some Superior Brigandine H. F. Shields and was lucky to find Optronics and Optical Chips in our Home-sweet-Home-System Sigma 17. This way it took not much Time to fill the Stores of our Home-sweet-Home-Base, The Mercy Dark.

    Suddenly the Inter-Merc-Com reported a 10-Million-Bounty on the Head of the notorious TSH-Cop Ingetning. Time to park the Train, jump into my Quasar and heading to Ingetnings final Destination, Omega 7. Shortly after jumping into this System the Intercom seemed to explode because oft he hysterical Reports of Freistadt Station and other Ships nearby. ‚What’s going on there?‘ was my first Thought and i hurried to check the Area. It was a Pirate, who attacked Ingetning and the Station. A well skilled Pirate as i realized, with a name i’ve never heard before. He gently greeted and vanished without demanding a Tax, leaving a perplexed Merc allone. My Reputation must be better than i expected.

    However, the reason why i was here appeared again, |TSH|Ingetning. Time to throw some Missiles on him and make some Cash. The Cop seemed to agree with that Idea - or was just too shocked of my Appearance. However. The Bounty was collected within few Seconds. 10 Millions, a really nice extra Profit these Days, when Bounties got rare.

    I was thinking about what to do next, when my old Friend Scrat appeared and offered me a Job to protect his Train. Oh well, he became a Smuggler. Being Prirate is not that profitable anymore, i guess. „Yeah“, was my short Answer. „10 Millions per Run“ he said. I didn’t care, it was the Job itself that i wanted! ‚Just away from my Train!‘ i thought. And yes, it was worth it. On our Way from Freistadt to the Stuttgart Jumpgate i had to deal with another TSH-Cop, or was it the same one? Anyway, he seemed to be pissed about the smuggling Smuggler and totally freaked out. When i saw his Guns firing at my Customer i smiled. That’s what i wanted, that’s what i like, that’s the Reason why i became a Merc. My Trigger Finger was happy to bend and a Salvo of deadly Tachyons were spitted out of my Guns changing his Ship Hull Mulecules into quick and lonely Atoms disappearing into all Directions.

    After i tractored in the Cop‘s Pod - i’m a mercy Merc and don’t want anybody to get harmed – i got a Call of my Customer, that he was ready to leave the System. I followed him to Stuttgart, where i had to wait till the Tradelane was reactivated. „You don’t have to interrupt the Tradelanes, it’s all secure now.“ I told Scrat. He smiled. The remaining Hours of this Day we spent travelling to New Berlin, New Tokyo and back to Omega 7 again. Two Runs, he gave me 20 Million Credits. Great! Enough to buy more Commodities for our new Shields. More Trainsitting. Yay.

  • “Mr. Almany? Mr. Almany!” Dennzio Horatius Almany woke up in his deck-chair. The suns of the New Mekka system were already near the horizon and a low wind took some cool and humid air from the sea. A service girl of his hotel stood beside him with a tele-pad in her hand and smiled at him. “Mr. Almany, there is an intercom call for you.”

    He smiled back “Thank you very much” and took the tele-pad. The message header told him, the signal comes from Sirius, Sigma 17. He rolled his eyes and opened the channel.

    “Dennzio here ...” he sighed, already suspecting a new annoyance.

    “Hi boss” Danzel smiled into the intercom “i know, it’s your holidays – oh, and eid Mubarak, Ramadan is over, right?”

    “Yes, it is, and thank you Danzel.” Now he smiled. “How can i help you?”

    “I just want to inform you about two interesting developings here. The first one is about intel reports we received from DS 17. Comrade Ajay discovered some suspicious activities around the Jormdar system and ...”

    Dennzio interrupted “Hey, we are not the only ones dealing with DS 17 and stuff around. I am still in holidays and you know what? I don’t care about DS 17 at this moment. Tell Ajay to make a taskgroup to schedule the required actions. Provide all needed resources but let me out of this. OK?”

    “OK boss. Then here is the other issue. One of the Fallen members is going mad and taxed one of our members. In the following fight Rayden’s ship got serious damages and though the pirate was able to hack its AI. In result he was able to steal 20 million bugs. Rayden himself was injured and is still in the sickbay on the Mercy Dark.”

    Dennzio’s face got red of anger, he had problems to keep calm. “This traitor son of a ... who of the Fallen clan was that?”

    “It was Ronaldo, the second in command of Fallen.”

    “Frak! Did he sniff too much feathers of his parrot1? Is there any statement of their CL Mercenaro?”

    “None so far. Boss, we have that agreement with Fallen. How should we deal with this situation?” Danzel asked.

    “Observe and be prepared! I try to contact Mercenaro but as far as i know he is in holidays too. Right now you are allowed to respond any aggressive action of Ronaldo with maximum force. Our agreement is suspended for the moment. And keep me informed about it.”

    “OK boss, will do. When will you come back?”

    Dennzio sighed “Dunno ... my wifes are happy here. Next week is a big fashion show. Oh dear, they spend my money faster into new dresses than a dog could swallow muffins ... i’ll call you ... Dennzio out.”

    1) The feathers of the Purian Lake Parrots are known for their high concentration of Lysergacid-Diethyl-Methamide, LSDM, a substance similar to LSD. But instead the Amide group it carries Methamide which is known for its strong ego boosting effect. In result LSDM leads to egotrips which make the user think, he plays a videogame in godmode.