• It was a rainy Friday evening 7 PM, Planet Manhattan. Mister Smith just arrived home from a long day of work. He had not had any time to read the news today, as he always does. "Let me see what is going on now" - he thought while poured a little from his finest Custodian Whiskey and sit on his comfortable chair in front of his holocomputer in his home-office.

    "Nothing interesting....oh wait....I've got a mail...what the hell? It is marked as very important! "

    "Sender: SN (Sirius News) - Receiver: "To all of Sirius"

    The newly founded SN (Sirius News) just gathered some serious info to us, Sirius's people....Ladies and Gentlemen, take your time reading them. These information got to the headline immediately!

    The topic is the following... (beginning of data download to holodisk...)


    After a chain of events:

    Or to cut the long story short: According to reliable sources, a one-man pirate raid happened in the home system of the Glorious Dark Phoenix clan, Sigma-17. Commander Destructor was hauling secret weapons from Phoenix HQ, when a pirate (according to rumors he was the Legendary RDV himself) appeared in the system, demanding money from the Commander. We believe he refused to pay, according to witnesses, a fight was took place near the Phoenix HQ where the Commander was killed and the equipments were destroyed. Thanks to FTL data transfer, this info got to Fleet Admiral Denzio, who immediately DECLARED WAR against the pirate and his believed clan, the Honest Fallen clan. Meanwhile mercenaries spotted in the pirates's home system, Purian Lake, ready to mount a counterattack. We suspect that pirates and mercenaries will swarm nearly every system in Sirius, looking to hunt down each other...Everyone, be on a lookout!

    SN - All the news for you

    (End of transmission...)

    "Now that is something! Poor souls." - he mumbled while took a quick sip from the whiskey...."Much better to not go to space now, eh?" - when another mail just came in!

    beginning transmission...)

    "Sender: SN (Sirius News) - Receiver: "To all of Sirius"

    MSG to Sirius : You aren't safe anymore !!!


    Today a ship of unknown origin came to the Crossfire System, intentions unknown. According to expertises, the alien ship could be a scout ship, as radar scan showed no sign of weapons mounted, but a trace of reconnaissance equipments mounted ( or could be mounted). The ship lingered a while in the system, then it had its cloak engaged and never seen still then. Sirius call the alien the INSPECTOR. To everyone, contact should be avoided at any costs!

    (End of transmission...)

    Now it was around 11 PM. Mister Smith went to sleep, shocked, wondering what else could happen in space?

    (OFFTOPIC: I tried to write this post in a creative way, i hope you guys like it :) feel free to give any recommendations :) - about the thread, i mean no offense, as always, excuse me if i made any spelling mistakes or anything else :) - also, no offense for you Mr. Inspector, but your name just gave me a nice idea :) )