A trip to New Tokyo ... and back ... hopefully

  • It was a particularly beautiful day in New London. Me and my buddy Jabba were just hanging around, killing time while sipping on some whiskey and enjoying the beautiful view of the Sun.

    - Hey, we should take a trip to New Tokyo. I heard that the pods can be sold for quite a high price out there, and we definitely need that, Tyrael, lately you've just been spending your days visiting bars and getting in fights - Jabba said.

    I almost choked on my whiskey.

    - Wha *cought cough* .. what? Are you serious, dude, you know that I'm visiting them only so I could find some additional information about the black market goods.
    - Yea, I know, dude, but still ...

    I was kind of surprised to know that Jabba sees me as a guy who's just wasting his time around the bars, doing nothing and just spending money. Probably he was right, since a bunch of pirates were trying to chase me down since the last argument we had. But, hey, it was quite a while ago ... maybe last night. They should chill out. New Tokyo sounded good nonetheless. As an admirer of the Japanese culture I've always been willing to visit it and it didn't take long before we were already on the way.


    Somewhere in the Tau's, I was already getting bored so I decided to take some pictures of the beautiful view around. Jabba wasn't quite happy about it, "I look fat in this train", he was saying.

    We've just arrived in Kyushu and I was paying my respect to this beautiful piece of architecture, when Jabba stated something that freaked me out..

    WHAT?! BOUNTY?! From who and why?! What wrong could a smuggler do?! This can't go unnoticed, I had to figure it out so I quickly contacted our hackers team in Casius. The results were frighting ... at least for me...

    Okay, but this means that I'm in trouble! There were many hungry mercs out there, who just waited to get their dirty hands on the pure name and honour of the citizens of Crossfire. I quickly contacted the New Tokyo forces with a request to have a system scan of the Kusari area and the answers didn't come late.

    So, now it's time to deal with mercs, huh? Is this where I end up? After peacefully sipping on my drink in New London, I have to run around like a dirty criminal in order to defend my honour. "Oh, no, mercs, this meal isn't coming easy!", I thought. With a bit of great teamwork by Jabba, I managed to go into stealth mode and quickly leave New Tokyo before the merc have found me.

    Okay, I was in safety ... for now. I quickly needed an evacuation plan, my enemy was a merciless killer and I was sure that he will do his best to get me. I headed for Hokkaido, I was sure I can get away from there. Unfortunately, I had forgotten a little detail - those pirates are my enemies too. Great. Just great. Now I had to run from two enemies. I can convince him that this bounty is a mistake and I can probably get away. It was my last shot ... well, not really since I could just keep on running.

    I was getting away, I was sure in that. Therefore, some of my faith returned and I decided to just run away, then jump forward and back until the merc gets sick of me.

    I was only thinking that I could make it away. My enemy chased me down successfully and landed a few perfect hits. I had no other choice than to have a last sip of whiskey and enjoy the light show...

    Out of RP:

    Thank you very, very, very much for the fun, Forlon! :D You have no idea when was the last time when I enjoyed running around so much. I hope I didn't piss you off with my ninja evading skills (which eventually failed me in the end..); And thanks for keeping the things in a good RP manner which I really enjoyed!
    Also, thanks a lot to my clanmate Jabba who was kind enough to expose his train to eventual danger with just sitting in front of planet New Tokyo so he could let me know when Forlon arrives there!

    Next time, I'll make sure to fix my rep with the NPCs so I don't get tons of CDs while I'm trying to reach the next jump hole ;P

    Tyrael signing out.

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