Pirates killing innocents in New Tokyo

  • The sun was just coming up on pl. New Tokyo. I got out of my bed and looked out through the window - it was going to be a beautiful day. I've just bought my Manticore battleship and I was eager to test it freely in open space. Last night I've spoke to the Japanese Prime Minister and I've received full access to the flying space in front and around pl. New Tokyo. Oh, boy, my battleship was standing in stand-by mode on the dock, ready to take off anytime now, still wet from the rain last night.

    I've quickly dressed up and headed towards the dock. The engeneers convinced me that everything is good to go, they even had a little surprise for me, something that I didn't really expect. Actually, the surprise was quite big and in a way ... illegal, at least without the agreement of the PM and the security officers - they've activated all the turrets on the ship and told me about a good place behind the planet, where I can shoot freely. Now, I couldn't wait anymore!
    -Sir - I heard a voice behind me - remember, don't be surprised of anything in space and try not to panic!
    -Uh, well ... okay? - I answered as this was something that I couldn't understand in the very moment.

    My battleship was finally out in space. I took the control and quickly set a course of 180 degrees left turn, cruise power engines and free flight, respectively. It sounded good, until the left turn. What I saw in front of my eyes were 2 battleships and a few fighters caught in a deadly game. In the very first moment I was shocked, until I felt the power that's been gathered in the engines in order to start the cruise. I quickly turned it off and begun setting up the scanners and everything in order to figure out what the hell was going on.

    **Warning, enemy missle incoming!***

    I heard the alarm but before I could realize what was going on, something exploded right in front of the cockpit, hitting the energy shield surroundind the ship. I was simply f*cked up - caught in a middle of a battle between mercs and pirates ( according to my scanners ) and I was just getting involved in it.
    -Activate defensive turrets, engines to full power!- I ordered to the computer.

    ***Turrets activated, taking a free course on full engine power***

    The reply was kind of a relief. I really hoped that I could take away with it and quickly turn the ship and dock back on the planet, then head to the Prime Minister and kick the shit out of that bastard, who allowed to me fly in the middle of a fight.

    ***Warning, enemy missle incoming!***

    Then I felt hits on the energy shield.
    -Computer, lock on target, identify and aim all turrets!
    ***Target identified - Pilot Ragnarok, flying under Pirate licence, organization tag Black Operations. Locking on enemy, all turrets ready to engage***
    -Stop, stop, stop you bloody wanker!- I was shouting to the pilot whose guns were obviously still firing bullets and lasers on my battleship - Oh, yea?! Computer, fire all turrets!
    Then the whole ship started shaking and making weird noises - the turrets were firing. I saw a very heavy fighter crossing in front of the ship, then turning around and heading back to it, and it's fire didn't cease for a second. Of course, my battleship was not far behind as there were, I swear, millions of bullets flying towards the enemy. Bright light, extremely strong noise made by an explotion and more ... things crashing in my ship.
    ***Target eliminated. Auto-lock on next target. Target identified - Pilot The One, flying under pirate licence, no organization tags detected. Engaging enemy***
    The bullets on both sides were just flying randomly around, until I heard the next computer message saying that the target was neutralized.
    ***Incoming formation invite. Multiple pilots, mercenary license detected, organization tag 13Th Armored. Accept or Deny?***
    Then the friendly ships appeared on my radar. Then even more joined us, random police officers and pirates were joining the fight, including vets like Wavey and pirates thursty for fame.
    ***Emergency docking procedure activated. Low hull alert, shield damaged, engines going offline, system shut down in 22 minutes***
    My battleship was auto-docking, covering the friendly ships and defending itself by the incoming enemy fire. And all I was doing is just sitting in the cockpit and, according to my thoughts at the very right moment, facing death.
    ***Shield deactivated. Turrets deactivated. Docking ring defence activated. Docking ring shield activated. Planet New Tokyo greets you, sir!***
    I couldn't believe, the wreck I was flying, the very same battleship that didn't have a not damaged place left on it, was actually docking! I was saved!

    From that point on, I couldn't remember much. Guess I went out when I heard the last computer message. I'm currently in hospital and I'm still trying to get in touch with the brave pilots who took my side against the pirates. I have no idea what's the condition of my ship, but I believe it isn't really good, even if there's something left of it. Will update you as soon as possible.

    Independent Operators' Consortium pilot, Shogun, out.

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