Mercenary life

  • New Tokyo, Kusari space, 08/04/3012

     Docked at ShinjukuSilver Arrows Fleet Command dreadnought Enterprise was cruising through New Tokyo system. Scanners were empty, but Watch officer noticed few minutes ago more traders running fast to Honshu system. Report was made and delivered to Admiral cabin.

    ”Weird, normally is here high traffic. It looks we will need visit Shinagawa and try to ask there what might be going on. Also communication is silent here, it is definitely suspicious

    , thought Admiral Forlon.

    Mighty dreadnought entered Trade lane and left it above Shinagawa Station. Preparation for dock finished, shield deactivated. Suddenly from space appeared big dark shadow and collided with one from battleship torpedo launchers. Alarm sounded through whole ship, emergency party was sent to space. Soon come to bridge surprising report

    “Sir, that thing what hit us is a Train Bridge! It looks as one from new big models actually trading here all day long.”

    After few minutes came next report from battleship bridge section:

    “Damage done on torpedo launcher is not serious, but we will still need around 2 hours before will be again fully operational. Secondary damage was also done to forward shield but also there will be not needed more than 2 hours.

    . Admiral Forlon did quick decision

    Prepare my fighter, I will take a look at PlanetNew Tokyo. Repair our ship as fast as possible and follow me!

    Mercenary small fighter with scanners on maximum and only at cruise speed gets closer to Planet NT. Even from big distance were apparent big explosions. Scanners started show first applicable data … big pack of different pirate ships fighting with few police. On com appeared text message:

    “To all mercenaries who are able receive this. PlanetNew Tokyo is actually under pirate blockade, communication is disturbed. We need your help as fast as possible to minimize possible damage and minimize civilian loses."

    Signed CFPD Officer Drale. Admiral did quick weapons and system test … all green …. Contract confirmation was sent, ship entered combat. It was really tough fight, it was as all pirates did their cocktail party here. Black-Op, LP, SMG, Fallen and some freelancers flying under pirate flag fight to destroy every police ship at all cost. Lasers, torpedoes and missiles everywhere. Cockpit polarization filter was on his maximum and still it looks as near Sun core. CFPD and BG officers was fighting hard. Mercenary fighter was deep in battle zone. CM alarm sounded almost continuously, in one moment full shield status was empty and hull badly damaged. One from pirates missile salvos avoided all CDs fired against and almost destroyed ship with single strike. Suddenly came message:

    ”Here 13th Armored. Leave the combat zone, immediately!

    Emergency maneuver with almost malfunctioned thrusters threw fighter below Roppongi Station. In next moment from deep space appeared two battleships and surprised pirates were stunned when 8 big torpedoes roamed space and exploded simultaneously. After this was blockade over, fight still continued, but police with mercenaries was definitely able to gain a distinct advantage.

     Docked at ShinjukuAdmiral Forlon thanked CFPD Officer for a generous payment and after he received message that


    finished repairs and is docked at Shinjuku Station he moved there. Ship slowly docked and engines were stopped. From distance ship looked good, but close was clearly visible many deep crack in armor. Dock technicians will need spend whole night working on this, but payment for this contract was big enough to cover repair costs and still left part for some fun and ship upgrades.

    Mercenary life is great when we have good employers!

    thought Admiral few seconds before he fall into a deep sleep.