CSF vs. ASF Week - 27/03/12 Update #2

  • ***Incoming Transmission***

    To all ASF fighters in the Sirius sector, this is Commander {LP}50Pack{X},

    After a very quite 48 hours in the Sirius sector, the ASF executed an invasion on one of our (CSF) systems, Sigma 19. Multiple reports came in that ASF captain Martin Forlon of the Silver Arrows mercenary clan had been getting a bit drunk and hitting it off with some ladies in Luxury Liner Hawaii. After the news broke out, I quickly got my gear and headed that way, along with fellow CSF man AbrasDevil, a decorated pirate of the Sirius Marauders Gang (SMG). As we started approaching the system, we got radio reports that Mr. Forlon along with many ASF tagged fighters were planning their attack on Sigma-19, in the bar of ASF's Gas Miner Naha in the near by Sigma-13 system. As we entered CSF space we immediately docked at Gas Miner Ogashawa, and set a coarse to Luxury Liner Hawaii, only to find Mr. Forlon, and the multiple fighters of the ASF that were identified as Husker of the Blood Guards police clan, and the duo of Gunny and Drale of the Crossfire Police Department. AbrasDevil and I took arms and fought a short battle before we got reports that an ASF fighter was delayed in the jumping process and is having his ship looked at at Gas Miner Ogashawa. He was identified from a source as Rex Nebular of the Independent Operators Consortium clan, and so we thought fast and committed to a quick retreat that allowed us to surround Rex and ultimately hold him hostage until the other ASF members came to rescue him. Luxury Liner Hawaii made repairs in the mean time, and no deaths occurred in the event of the attack only minor injuries were obtained. As the CSF duo started to fight the quintuplet of ASF fighters, we showed a great display of strategic attacking and huge explosions, before to our luck Husker was needed elsewhere in his home and left the battle ground immediately, and luck was followed with more luck as two members of the CSF joined us including freelance pirate Pui_de_Zemu and Knightshade of the Lostprophets pirate clan, giving us, the glorious CSF a 4-3 advantage, which ultimately, was the deciding factor in earning the win in today's battle, as the glorious and proud CSF retained the system of Sigma-13. I would like to send a big thank you to AbrasDevil for his great support and motivation to end the ASF threat, and for both Pui and Knightshade for assisting us in the end to finish the battle. On a side note Luxury Liner Hawaii was fined a total of 52MM credits after disobeying the laws of reporting ASF, and housing a threat to the system and the CSF. Also we would like to thank the backup fighters provided by Gas Miner Ogashawa and the Gas Miners Guild as they did a good job in attacking the ASF members and assisting the repairs of Luxury Liner Hawaii. Long live the glorious CSF!

    Commander {LP}50Pack{X}, out.

    ***End Transmission***

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    [box=blue]Also Proud Leader of the CSF Faction![/box]

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    Arrrrrrrrrrrr Maty!