Trading trip

  • Sirius Sector, New Tokyo system, Planet New Tokyo, present time

    Trade route between planets New Berlin and New Tokyo is heavily in use. More than 4 big trains are moving between those planets and Silver Arrows trader ship (trader01) is one of them. So far all looks good, ship finished one route and is preparing for her second return to New Berlin. On train bridge was present Fleet Admiral Martind Forlon and he was discussing with the train Captain. In meantime crew unloaded cargo and “dock rats” started to mount on train cargo containers containing Beryllium. Trader took off from planet surface and headed to Honshu system. Admiral checked radio communication and something attracted his attention. 'Captain, can you come?' asked. 'Check what we have here' … Before the train Captain eyes was listing of all ships in Sigma-13 and one from them was circled with thick red link – SMG_Iceman*. 'This looks as possible problem' replied Captain, 'can we use someone help?' Admiral checked many ships flying already in space, but alas theirs names not look familiar until he saw one known name and smiled. 'Captain, I need talk with [CFPD]Azimut!' Few minutes later was established secure connection and Admiral told: 'Greetings Officer! Can I ask you for little police assistance?' and shortly explained what might going on in Sigma-13. 'I will gladly help you in this case' replied police officer, 'but I'll need some time before I will be able reach Sigma-13.'

    'Thank you' replied Admiral. Train slowly moved on planned route and captain with the admiral checked police officers movement. Both smiled when saw that not only police officer Azimut changed course, but also another one, DC_Sphinx headed in the same direction. 'It looks that our pirate will have interesting evening and with little luck we will be able come around him' commented Admiral. 'But now we do not have much time, we will take risk and will try enter Sigma-13 before police forces will arrive.' After that train entered Sigma-13 and when radar showed empty neighborhood everyone was relieved. In the next moment a short message came: 'SA_Trader, you will pay 1 million credits unless you want to be destroyed'. 'But of course a mighty Pirate :) , but you need first find us'” came response from trader. After this did the Train change to usual route and moved to Frankfurt system jump gate. At this time arrived to Sigma-13 police patrol and theirs fight with pirate started. Fight with pirate was not easy and what was more important, pirate escaped to New Berlin. Now really started “cat and mouse" game. Pirate wanted catch trader and police him. Train in the end entered New Berlin from Dresden and immediately moved out of trade lane. Admiral explained to captain 'Stay on TL is last thing we want to do now'”. Admiral's words was shortly confirmed, when pirate told that he not forget about SA trader. After this was established group communication between train and the police patrol. 'It looks that fight is going on directly above planet Admiral, told train captain. 'Trying to dock won't be easy'. Train started his cruise engines and in high speed maneuvered around asteroid fields to position not far from the planet and ship crew started the preparations for a dangerous dock maneuver. It was sure, that usual safe docking isn’t possible, because even from 5k distance was to see fierce battle near planet New Berlin moor point. Coming with full heavily loaded train on full speed directly to planet isn’t something what is learned in pilot academy (pilots trying something like this in simulations was simply kicked out with comment that idiots who want kill ship crew and themselves do not belong to space ship cockpit :) :) ). Good was, that in case that moor facility will not work properly, then train's crew will not have much time to fear about theirs lives ;). But this train's crew was very well prepared and was able to dock "in hurry" more than few times before.

    On landing zone was containers unloaded and ship prepared for takeoff … were needed only find proper moment when will be pirate really busy in fight. Success! Train left planet atmosphere and cruise engines moved him to second TL gate leaded to Frankfurt. Shortly after jumped train through jump gate and headed to Mainz Storage Facility where docked. Adrenaline slowly faded when suddenly in system channel sounded 'Trader, where are you? ... jump gate or jump hole?' … SMG pirate flied from fight with police and followed the train. On train's bridge was silence, only admiral ordered 'wait, give him few more seconds'” After this train undocked and moved back to New Berlin gate where he was meet by police patrol :) . After short briefing police officers headed after pirate and train returned to NB and moved to Sigma-13 jump hole. Admiral and Captain discuss next route and decided to take risk. They learned fast that this decision was not best, because theirs luck ended. Near jump gate to Chugoku on radar suddenly appeared also another sign … small sign for VHF ship. Pirate finally found his target and his ship's guns projectiles only slightly missed Train which on full speed entered jump hole. But on train bridge was all clear, this “game” just ended … Pirate ship fast followed train and in Chugoku was for train no chance for escape. In the end was tax almost three times higher as on beginning … but admiral commented 'Really hard earned moneys!'

    OORP: Thx to all who were there!