SWAT Portal Download Updates

  • As the large SWAT database (over 600 available files at this date) is being sorted and linked, it is not unusual to make a typograhpical error during link creation or filename management. As a result, some of our visitors here may have encountered broken links to downloads recently, especially in the Freelancer directories. While these broken links exist, we seldom hear about them from the community, and many people just abandon hope without letting us know about them! 8o

    Fortunately, we frequently audit the database for errors, and correct them as they are discovered. Many broken links have been repaired in the last 48 hours, so if you are one of those unlucky people who has attempted a download recently, only to get a broken link notice, try again! Even better, if you find a broken link, send a PM to one of the active moderators, and we can get it fixed post haste. Thanks for choosing SWAT Portal, and helping us to be a better resource! :D



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