Klingon Vessel Prototype with advanced Cloaking Systems, Kirk-Aera

This ist from the 6th mission of Star Trek Legacy. The Objective is to find this Vessel and capture it to learn mor about the new Cloaking Technology. It is said, that the Cloaking Device is so advanced, that even Klingons cannot penetrate it.

(actually i still wonder, how these stupid warrior race could ever develop such advanced technologies. blood and honor is the only important thing for klingons, they barely have doctors and scientists have a bad reputation.)

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  • Its not true that they dont have science or doctors. Its just not their main focus. Klingon warriors are more or less priviliged ones, but there are also scientists, workers and also farmers. It just appears to be a race of warriors only because outsite their homeworld you mostly met the warriors for obvious reasons. They also use slave races for multiple purposes.

    • yes i know they have scientists and doctors (i can proudly say, that i watched ALL Star Trek episodes and movies more than only once) but they don't have the reputation like their warriors. the only logical reason why they have such advanced technologies can i.m.h.o. only be, that Klingons stole most of it from other races. There are Klingon and Romulan ship designs which show obvious similarities.

    • partly... yes. The Klingon Empire consists of more than just the klingon race. Lethans, Nausicaans, Orions and later on the Gorn Hegemony are part of the Empire among many other smaller subspecies. But Klingons know that they have to optimize their technology to keep the Federatoin and the Romulans in check. Especially the Romulans seem to be source of Klingon tech (sometimes as combat trophies which get re-engineered).

  • looks like a K'vort class Bird of Prey