Freelancer Mod Manager

The Freelancer Mod Manager is required to activate Freelander mods.

The new version of the Mod Manager is ready as it is now stable enough to move out of beta.
List of changes:

  • v1.31 - Fixed two bugs that slipped through: numTimes > 1 now works, and custom DLLs are now properly listed in freelancer.ini.
  • This is just v1.21 beta 11 with a few more bug fixes; it is now stable enough to warrant moving out of beta-testing. Read the readme for the full changelist since v1.21 beta's 1-11.
  • Made "append", "fileappend", and "sectionappend" methods the same (doesn't require any changes in mods). -"append" (and thus "sectionappend" ) now works if the found section doesn't end with an empty line.
  • Added more debugging information to XML parsing and "append" method error messages.
  • Added a right-click menu to the mod list, which lets you open up that mod's folder and view some statistics.
  • When deactivating a mod that requires other mods to also be deactivated, FLMM prompts the user to continue.

Enjoy from IGx89

  • Version

  • Version 1.31

    The Freelancer Mod Manager is requried to activate Freelancer mods.