We are simple businessmen, that do simple business: buy low, sell high - so high that no rehab is able to get us back on our feet - or, at least, that's what we like to think.

Our daily activity consists of smugg... stocking and selling carefully selected goods to the highest paying customer.

We consider everyone an important and influential part of how things evolve in Sirius and neighboring sectors, therefore our diplomatic stance with everybody is simple: mutual not being an ass - except on our discord server, where we usually make fun of Zimtonix*

If you want to join us, please contact the following guys either in-game or via PM:

1. LancelotOnCrack

2. Zimtonix

3. AstrumVir

*After you get on board, you must send Zimtonix the following message: "Windmill noise causes cancer". You choose the communication channel for getting this message to him: in-game message, PM, Discord PM, e-mail, PH subscription message, love letter, etc. In order for this to be validated, send a screenshot to LancelotOnCrack of your message being delivered to him.