Mortem et renascentiam

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

Warning, Warning!..The klaxon sounds...Core Meld Down is Eminent!

Just my luck, three weeks out in deep space and this happens - Systems Down, processors off line, controls aren't responding!
Suddenly everything went dead and there I was a drift in Space, no way to navigate, just an emergency backup beacon, and hope someone will find me.

Two Months later picked up a drift by a lone Scout vessel, and soon towed to the nearest Star Base.
A systems analysis showed that the software I uploaded prior to my last launch was far to advanced for my ships systems, and slowly but surely lead to catastrophe.

To prevent this from ever happening again I pooled my resources, went back to square one to rebuild my ship, so not only can it handle today's software but with the ability to upgrade core components, even tomorrows.

It was a rough road with several out of the dock engine stalls, and chips being fried when I attempted to engage hyper drive giving me Star Wars Millennium Falcon flashbacks, but at last I have reached success.
Core systems upgraded, Engines Upgraded, the best Thrusters I could find, Weapons the Best of the Best, Hull Integrity and Shield Technology top of the line. I held back on nothing and now it's time to start off on my adventures once more.

Scavenge, Trade, Smuggle, or Farm whatever the source may be, I know the profits will always be there.