Say Hello to My Invisible Friends

I was on my way back from a voyage to Banysia, and was going through Kinak when the tade Lane ahead of me showed signs of travel.
Since I didn't see any ships in front of me I was a bit perplexed at the activation of a trade lane for what seemed to be, no reason at all.

I exited the trade lane and saw nothing about, so I docked with the gate and went to Assris.

Once in Assris I was approaching the last trade lane before the gate to Sorror, and just before I hit the dock button ( F3 ) the trade lane activated as if someone else was behind me.
I quickly docked with the TL and waited on the other side once I exited, and seconds later here is what I saw...

Flying around in formation with my invisible friends - Two Cloaked Raiders:





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