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  • i found my olds charts!!!thks u!!!;)

  • so,this is my mail,,see u later;)

  • i'm back!!!again!!!and i lost my old charts,my chart now is"SALAMANDAR",tks to put me "DP"

  • please do not post on wall or forums your account IDs .. they are private and wall and forums are PUBLIC!

    • If you will want that someone else check your account from in-game, send him ID using private message! (chose user and there use choice "New Conversation")

    • ok,sorry,tks,but"buton upload" doesn't work in "new coversation" to send a file

  • WOW, lot of .... selftalking on your wall ^^ Why not asking on the forums or in Bugtracker, if there are any probs M8 :)

  • Hi greg 21, we welcome you as our 22686. user and wish you a lot of fun in our community. Your SWAT team, May 14th 2015.