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    I Agree it seems that in some ways we are Both similar when we feel that we are being attacked we Bite then we end up in a Circle of (push me I shove you Syndrome) so I want Peace I try 2 help any players if they are not Rude & most are not, I listen to the pilots & give out ye Olde 3 chance rule 1 time is funny 2 times not funny 3 times you take the Piss! Then I bite & do not let Go! Now as I do believe in Karma this is a Bad thing so I need 2 do some work on my Karma so I can make some constructive Ideas towards making your MOD a Better place! I do not want 2 offend anyone but when I feel I am attacked in any way shape or form I go Ballistic, this is not good Karma & therefore needs work on my part.

    I have played this Game for Many many years now & know many people from many countries as I say most are good but as it is in life some are not so good ,I do not suffer from the Fools of this planet as you can see from my wall on the Portal, I take 1 day at a time & do Not hold Grudges so tomorrow is another day & we begin fresh ..

    Not sure I fully understand your Reply Anatta, but any comments are better than None, Listening & replying to those that actually play a game is Good, for me I want more Input on what is Good bad or FUBAR (Ugly) we who play the game have more knowledge than the Makers we are in fact some sort of Beta Testers so when we say something is Messed up & we get a Reply saying PROVE IT because Server says NO ???? Some times it cannot be Proven Unless you Record every single Keystroke & make a Video of all your in-game stuff.

    Hmmm Ok I donated 500 Euros 2 keep the server Going about 1.3 years ago ,but as I Pointed out Look at the Number of People that actually saw the Clan Thread Now doing some limited Math that I have a 500 Euro Donation would still leave some Money left Over. This is not Small change, so now get Nada Simple Martind. I have No Idea how much the Rent is per Month I am not Clan Leader so Why should I know if it is Paid or Not ...HMMMMMMMM....

    Now we have Said Keep SOS keep the Malfunctioning Base, OK

    Maybe you get what I am Trying 2 say Now.

    If other Clans want 2 Pay OK we No Longer want 2

    If you think that you can somehow stop my Free Speech then you are Mistaken, all can make up their own Minds on Stuff ,or is this a Dictatorship

    I put my Thoughts into the Forum & as you have done you Made your Opinions Clear & I have replied now it is down 2 Others to put their own Thoughts in

    Good Bad or Ugly but Telling anyone to Basically Shut Up ....Hmmmmm. Congrats

    Hmmm we agree 2 disagree. That is all I have now if people Cannot take Criticism or listen to the people then OK.

    A Debate is a Good thing but trying to tell Peeps that I Ignore what you say is Bad?

    Oh Btw I have the Coms of the Statement So if Proof of it is Needed it is NO PROBLEM

    The clans that have Paid Rent have been Returned & this is a Good Thing. Those that have not Paid have been Removed also Fair , (BUT) it was the way it was done that has Pissed Off some , Trying 2 search through Many threads Like Count numbers Backwards etc ... But Hey as the |TSH| has come 2 the Conclusion that we No Longer Need Nor want 2 Rent a System then we have No Problem. the SEA of Shadows is now Open to all Pilots. The |TSH| Built the first fully functioning Base with the help of Ajay , but the Quartermaster was or seemed to be on Strike the Base bank Leaked Credits we lost over 40 Billion but could not show proof. The bases was Meant 2 help with stock & Banking! Now we Go back to the Old ways of Storage Ships.

    I Disagree Discord can be seen by All No sifting through Threads it is Just there for all 2 see, some sort of Countdown on the Portal May have helped ,your base will be Removed in 10-9 -8 7 days trying 2 Read all posts is not possible ,Base owners or Clan leaders should have been PM ed, But hey Only my Dumb Assed Opinion.