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    Well, as heard, the banners with sound of warning,well a warning its that's clan territory is great, but, there could be a group of systems that be the Home of ASF, and CSF (each one on the opposite sides of the map, sure), where each clan based on one side (like police ones on ASF, and pirates on CSF) have a planet for their own in the center of the main system of each side, filled with many bases, planets (for each clan and more) and 3D trade lanes... meaning some go obligue half to up, or to down, and so on... like a multi leveled subway, and more... I know this is easyer and take less time than many other graphich and sound things, that also gives a better reality to the game.

    I think, there could be as the title says "New Worlds", and also remake of the old ones, new bases and civilization (habitable-dockable planets on some systems now are empty, with tradelanes) showing a pass of time, that changes and upgrades the whole universe :)

    Also, it could be nice and usseful there were more ships with exactly the same statistics, armor, shield, agility, firepower etc, but with little diferent models, skins and colours, so people don't start getting uglyer, rare or worse ship just to be different by the others.

    Eventually, an pretty fast thing to do, makeing a "Road to Glory" section as the road to Hyperspace, but makeing it way harder, makeing it imposible for one fighter, where just a big nice group of good fighters and BSes survive.

    I have another idea, but think it would be hard... but damn Great, that fighters can dock with battleships, I saw its possible. :)

    Well this is idea post, so, here are few ideas =)

    8o This new FL is godslike, seems it really worth the time we waited ^^ I'm preparing to explore and hunt more DKs lol, with the HDD space is no problem... could install it 100 times if it would be needed :D

    And well that space I have is cuz I have no p0rn ^^

    Well, I'm using Windows XP professional, and I never had to reinstall the game fo errors, except the errors I did sometimes... with other things, and I have a poor 3D card, and my PC has almost same years that the original game, and FL CrossFire is one of the games that better works here, ye I will have a new PC in next month or so, but the thing I know is that the game with normal and clear 1.7 is working without problems with a very poor PC equipment...