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    Well Im not codder OP, but I dont think its a question of difficulty but of resources. In my past experience here in crossfire, I there had been 20 OPs rather than 1, Crossfire would be an indepent game instead of a FL mod. But sadly there is but one OP.

    IMO FL was an unfisnished game in so many ways...but the community filled up big part of that gap. What Im talking about is that I wouldnt mind if they deliver a new "up to date" base like FL was at the time...modders/community would do the rest.

    If you think about it, nowadays (except for Skyrim, and some others) there are almost no games that encourage modding. Sad but true.

    Well, point taken OP.

    I have been reading a bit, and if they intend to make a game (like Sellters online) where you can do everything without paying but its contantly pushing you to "pay or wait", that would be a mistake and he will crush before landing.

    But honestlly, I wouldnt mind if he just give us a new engine based game and the ability to mod it and set up a private server....I have seen what community can do with that, and that would be more than enought (for me).

    For me is not about Chris Roberts but about having an update graphics and features a base.

    Hi there,

    Old Tito here, I know Im a bit late with this, but I have just found out about Star Citizen.

    Despite OP is skeptic by nature, with this game Its the first time that I have the feeling that someone is making what most of Freelancer lovers wanted. I wont put my hand on the fire but what they are promising looks like what I have been looking for since Freelancer.

    I agree with OP in the "micro transactions" shit. Looks like today everything has to have extra cost, rather than the classical "purchase the game and thats all" that we were used to (DLCs, micro transactions, subscriptions).

    Whatever, IMO, if these guys are able to deliver a game with which we can run a server and customize it like OP has done with Freelancer, I would be more than happy...

    Hope...thats what i have.

    I see same things come and go...Sometimes i wonder myself if this server is cursed....:D
    Anyway I would like to have time to step up and give a hand guys but I havent, this year until June is going crazy...
    With the time and the perspective you (me, myself) realize that all these so called "problems" could be resolved by:
    1.-Giving them the importance they have (99% times none)
    2.-Try to clean in it privately, between parties.
    3.-But the most important: Dont forget its a game; objective is fun.

    Hoping ill have time in the future to be back, and talk you all again,


    OP from the pic that magnet has post I find 2 things that you could change in the model to make it more accurate to the pic one.

    First is the rear panel, the square one with a red star on it...that one doesnt look square but with a sharper angle in the top, and rather than completly vertical, looks liike it is a bit inclinated in the top part (where the angle is) to the center of the ship (i mean its not a 90º angle but a 80º one more or less). I hope you understand hehe.

    Take a look at this pic to see what i mean.

    But i think it just need a bit of details and it will be great...why deleting it? way man...

    I really would like to see mining as I think it can bring new ways of comerce into the game, making posible to organize ppl with different ships, like one with a miner and another with a train to deliver and sell the cargo....that will bring brand new possibilities for piracy attacks, merc security services and police work...and bring the action to other systems different than the usual ones...

    I know its sensitive case in terms of balance, hard to find it in order not to exploit it or drive away the dinamic economy...but if it can be done...well that will be very interesting new feature for 1.9.

    About the voice and license, I dont have a clue either. The only thing i know its that its sure that bases recognize factions as when you are next to a station you can listen to the base station talk to other factions a calling them by their names...(for players is allways "freelancer...") so i guess is more faction related...
    At this point is where im lost and dunno if licenses can interact with "faction" parameters or not...that is up to the Master Modder (meaning you OP) to find out.
    But it might be an starting point to search for answers...


    Originally posted by SWAT_OP-R8R
    i was thinking to add the voice stuff for the bases already in CF1.8

    I dont know if it would be possible, but it would be great if the voice dialoge were related to the ship licenses, something like: "This is station X to "Police"/"Pirate"/"Trader" apha 123..."

    I would be great in terms of recognition...

    Now that i think, double license would be i in 1.8...well i guess if its possible in any way, OP would figure a "way around" to solve it.

    Also like i said, im with CA in the mining thing...dont know how to improve it...but there must be a way, i heard its allready in other mods.

    Somewhat talking about 1.9 sounds wreid, but from another perspective that means 1.8 is about to be finished...anyway i celebreate the fact that this thread is opened...

    Suggestions accepted?

    If so, I think it wont be a bad idea to check the mining system as a another way to earn some cash

    The 1rst october I will begin a postgraduate Master, that will take me 100% time and dedication, so i wont be able to help during it...Im sorry, but I preffer to be honest.

    Yeah kerm, and the funny thing is that they dont realize that sooner than they think they will all end up making Freelancer mods to play themselfves alone...and even then they wont be able to control the FL community for 2 reasons:
    There wont be any left
    They wont get along with others even if they were 10 left.

    Guys wake up, Jumpgate is around the corner, Eve online took tons of players and other games will come...If you keep on going with this crap soon you will have nothing to discuss about, and that is a fact.

    P.D. Ah the problem of OP....Yeah he has had allways the same problem, he would rather tell you in your face that your gilfriend is ugly than tell you that she has a nice conversation skills...
    Rude? maybe...but straigth and honest....maybe brutal honesty...but at least you get the thruth, that is more than we can get from any of you, with your intrigues, egomaniac conspiracies...hack attacks and all that bullshit...
    You dont like his manners...I can agree with that, but at least i allways expect the truth with him...short, hard and straight truth...and then I act in consequence.

    Here we go again...
    I wonder what does the Freelancer community has to create these intriges, attacks and betrayals...Does it really worth it?
    Anyway dont expect any clue of compassion after what you did...If it wasnt you...i dont care, if it was you...I hope somehow sonner than later you will pay for it...
    Enougth of these crap...

    Ill be away for an undefined period. Therefore if somebody needs anything (wich i doubt), send me a mail.
    Cya have fun


    Originally posted by Igiss
    The main difference between our communities is that ...

    we are part of freelancer community, and we care about it. You seem to be just part of the Discovery community, and only care about it.

    Why I say this?
    Because of this...


    Originally posted by Igiss
    Never thought of myself as a crusader fighting for the good of all Freelancer mods/communities, the game as a whole, and never said that. I do care mainly about Discovery community, our players, and our mod, and it's true: call me a selfish egoist for that.

    Its your option/choice but


    Originally posted by Igiss
    The main difference between our communities is that ...

    *cough cough*
    another 3 months? err....Humm....I love the way it is now...and i think you have work much more than enough on it, so I would suggest you stick to your original plan, and when its done, you begin to play with us...Its time for you to enjoy also, not working all day...IMO