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    Good day. "Architect" Why did you close the one-way exit Alaska - New York? It felt so good when she worked. Also wanted to know why the Battleships of the Kursari, Corsairs, Relandia were damaged by the cruise destruction? unlike Lierty and Britonia.

    Suggestion: Add a Tier 8/9 shield of your choice to the freighters for each ship separately, namely: Bullpup MK III, Luna Sunrise, Seraphina, Peon freighter, Apophis. After all, it is somehow not serious / aesthetically pleasing for everyone to put a level 7 shield.

    On a cruise of 450, you fly into the clouds, debris and speed drops by 100, this is logical.

    A question for the "Architect". Explain, please, why the afterburner in nebulae also decreases ??? After all, he is not attached to the cruise. He has his own energy. Drops in nebulae from 217 to 174.

    Explain how the process of fines and taxes in the Role-playing game works. I read the wiki but have questions.

    I Pirate -- in the system 3 players, select a player on the radar and dial a team of dachshunds? After that I have to wait for his answer or flight?

    Then I I'm killing him or he is me.

    PS. Yesterday, a player named Domkavash explained that I understood correctly. But he himself is 100% insecure.:verrueckt:

    I read on your website that the Train and Transport dock with the Planets where there are adaptations for them, as well as with small stations and bases. Hence the question of whether the Train / transport will be able to dock with the Liners, the base of Cadiz, Ruiz, Leon, Freeport 5, Tripoli, the planet Crete (there seems to be no docking for large ships) and so on.:blush::hmmz:

    My character has a neutral-friendly reputation for all NPC factions.

    Question: By purchasing a license, I become a participant in the Role Playing Game. If I understood correctly: when buying a Pirate License, are all NPC lawyers red to me? And vice versa if the Police-Legalist are all criminals too. Mercenary license - all neutral NPCs. Smuggler license - NPCs are all neutral, but with the amendment what kind of goods you are carrying.

    Correct me if something is not understood correctly. Players or Clans with a license is understandable.

    Suggestion: It would not hurt you to add something: goods or equipment or other something "Valuable" in the Paradise Lost system. For Players to visit this system, And so it turns out a dead system !!! Players fly there current to investigate Cross Fire ...

    They fly to the Dom'Kavash system for the crystals and equipment of the Cloaca. As for me, 30 seconds of invisibility, and then a 10 minute break is not worth the effort !!!

    Question: I wanted to know if there will be a continuation in the Lost Fleet systems? there is a dead-end system of Nomads. There is nothing of value there !!!

    Also, in CF you can adjust difficulty in game options.

    Can you give more details? Suddenly I want to put the lightest game settings and fly by train to Kawash systems. 8)

    Hi there. I'm loving this mode since i love original Freelancer but there are some issues. Main problem is that the missions are very unbalanced. You can do 2 missions on the same level but one will be easy and second very hard. Same goes with story misssions they are very easy compared to side missions. What's the reason behind that?

    I don’t know what’s difficult about missions. While you have a weak ship and equipment, take the easiest levels of missions. So it was in the original Freelancer. But with the reloading of Torpedoes here (CF), they are reduced with the original.

    Paradox. From Colorado, I took the capsules to Shikoku in prison. After flying out of Tyurma, I found that the groups were working! He added 1 gun to the group and flew to Kepler at Freeport. Having taken off I also check the group of weapons - it works! I'm flying to the Xenos base. I kill them and sit down on their base. I take off and *** groups do not work))

    While writing the post and translating, the enchantment was at the base of the Xenos. flew out again and checked the groups - everything works! this is a bug on my computer, it is related to the mod. I'll even tell you what to think.

    P/S All the same, resets the group settings after a couple of connections to the base.

    Good day.

    Ajay about the fire with a group of weapons: I made fire in space with 1 group (1/2/3-guns), 2 with a group (3/4/5/6-guns) while assigning keys No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, to activate fire on groups.

    Having flown to the base and having taken off, I found that group number 2 does not work (it flies from the settings), it has to be assigned again !!!

    Suggestion: Is it possible to do missions against Bases / Battleships from which then something useful is knocked out! (The head of the base, valuable resources, and so on. There are missions against the Bases in the mod, but nothing useful. If you kill the battleship, then the General drops out, but there is no mission against the battleships!)

    Something like this, you decide what you can implement or do nothing!

    Question: Will / Do you plan to continue the single player game in your fashion? After all, you made additional missions about the lost fleet.

    Thanks for attention.

    Спасибо, давайте попробуем, но я уже вижу, что это немного неудобно, так как клавиша Е имеет другое значение.

    В моде Orion server mod все делается через правое окно (когда вы находитесь в космосе), есть назначение групп 1/2/3. Назначьте группу оружия и в пространстве с помощью мыши просто переключайтесь между 1/2/3.

    Кроме того, если вы любитель модов, то русский парень сделал мод под названием Legacy of the Nomads. Он также стреляет из нескольких видов оружия через окно консоли в правом нижнем углу.

    Я думаю, вы можете позаимствовать эту идею или сделать свою собственную немного похожей. Что касается заимствования, я думаю, что вы можете, потому что они уже украли ваши идеи.


    Here's an example as in the screenshot! Bottom right corner.