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    Hey guys,

    it's been a while, I haven't been here and say something. I miss you all very much and the time we've been together in CF. I am right now progressing in my professional life building a career in the software development. A lot of great things happened to me and that's why I am not giving any attention to this lovely community which is pity but I am actually very busy and I am not playing many games atm. How are you guys, how are things going here?


    I have never used Lua scripting so i have no experience with it but i am really interested in learning it to achieve those results you want. When you start discussing this feature i would gladly start working on it. I will meanwhile find documentations and study it.

    There are other ways of earning money than with train ;] Anyway i agree, a lot of people feel almost no threat, trading BMGs. They have actually become really freakish when it comes eventually to appear in their smuggle path a polceman who is standing with the law, and be caught and get killed on sight. Their whinemeter has grown up on a red point xP. We need to remember them that there is a police RP here, so pirates and smugglers can remember that they must used to have troubles when BMGs are loaded on their ships. ;]

    The opponents are never forgotten. They are just too many i gotta spend probably whole day to pass through the half of the people that i have been with and against.

    Nickname forever and ever : Hipogriff.
    Clan : Dragon Crops.

    Age : I already stopped counting it.

    I've been in DC since 2005 when with pcforce decided to bring freelancer to the multiplayer level and we choosed Crossfire v1.5. He started 1 week earlier than me and had already made contact with the DC fleet - with our founder of DC - Blackdragon and all the other guys - DC_Flames, DC_Firelove, DC_WhiteWolf, DC_Exile, DC_Shadow_Hunter, DC_Phoenix. So just as i arrived since the first day i have never stripped down my DC tag in front of my nickname and i am not looking forward to take it off. I've been in a lot of battles, events, conflicts and won't forget all the great moments and fun having with the community. Have to admit that on that time, BG were really impresive team and i wanted to play with them so bad but was feeling that i gonna insult too bad the ppl who helped me and gave me that much fun back then. So even in a time when there was only me and Haegar as the only DC players who were keeping the clan somehow alive, i made new friends and allies, was trying really so bad to atract new people but unfortunately i was unsuccessful. Then Gunny, as having CFPD growing with some former DC members, offered us two new pilots, to help us, which names were and are - Maxbur and Ancalagon. They really started to organise the clan with all the necessary stuffs and more ppl came, so DC had pilots under it's wing again(Thank you Gunny ;]). The last year, i was happy to see DC growing that good with Crysis, Maxbur, Blade, , Ancalagon, Viktor also some old players like Raven, John, Phoenix, Darth_Scythe and others ofcourse(i don't want to insult others i just don't remember all xP). Right now perhaps DC is kinda sleeping but it i am sure we will find other bright pilots like Mr.Sphinx is and continue our respectful stay on Crossfire. I will gladly help with my experience all our new serious players to join the harder battles and will try to fly and show on the server time to time as my years now require a bit more time for RL than playing pc games. I also want to thanks to the swat community or more precisely to OP creating and keeping alive the fragile activity atmosphere and for that i want to help with whatever i can to reach far more delightful and growing community.

    P.S. I hope you remember that this is only biography not a "bye bye letter" as it perhaps looks like but it is not xD.