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    I would like to add the fact that even with the latest versions of windows 11 you don't have to manually enable the DirectPlay feature. Just start the game (Freelancer not Crossfire) and it will automatically offer to turn on the feature. That is one of the ways and I guess simpler. I should also add that after installing Freelancer, it is better to start it at least once, I don't know why, but I speak from experience

    Best option. I have to say this mod is definetly not new player friendly. Multiplayer NPCs WAY TOO MUCH dmg, even in normal systems and not the new added ones.

    On SP, I do suggest you use a savefile editor to change your credit volume. The settings on how much you have to grind between missions is increased way too much. Also, if you buy one of the new added ships, your player value just smashes down and doesn't stay the way before you did buy the ship. Was grindling like 20 missions, had 4k credits left to new level, did buy new ship and had to grind 700k again. What a joke.
    Another point: Be careful with when you buy new tractor beams and scanners. I did buy the best ones, wanted to buy a new ship and they are just gone and you have your shitty basic ones in the new ship. No clue how it is on MP, since it just annoys me how to make credits, there. Also, there is no option to start neutral to everyone (besides nomads).

    So overall, best option for you is to go on SP, create a game and then use a savefile editor and get you 1 billion credits, go on settings, use godmode and then go to where you like.

    Beginer in mod yes? No need to use any cheats to get monney where is fun in that? You have multiple ways to do that simplest one is by selling pods at prison stations. You dont just buy ship you need to transfer your good stuff to new ship before hit buy button. MP or SP is all obout grind resources and get best ship that suites you and adequate equipement. If you like story you could just speed run thry vanilla part by buying one of the new powerfull ships and heavy equipement. I did manage once to did this before mission 3 vanilla i get Redemption and best equipement in Sirius i could buy that was near end game stuff and the sence of power was incredible. Use wiki from this site for maps,ships and the rest of stuff to inform obout all and you r good to go! Chears

    Maybe I'm repeating myself but have you tried installing the game outside of the system partition? Or if it goes to the system partition (C) it must be installed and run with admin permissions. This applies to win 10 and 11.This way, you avoid the system or firewall blocking you from copying files

    One more thing i did all that just to take a ride with Antares wich i like so much. After all i eventually choose Eridan to get back to campaign only cos of cargo space but i decided to go back to previous save and go with Antares so can you please add some cargo space to it and make it a little more convinient i dont ask to make it more powerfull just to expand storage by a little bit atleast to 50 or less but that 10 is so low.

    Well complete

    Was there something specific what you did/didn’t this last time? There definitely must be something what is making issue with paused campaign.

    I was careful not to use the auto save even by accident. I didn't bribe anyone and so Renaissance was friendly to me by default in the last attempt they were not friendly because I accidentally shot discarded containers along the way. And one interesting thing in the earlier attempts to enter the Alsace system next to the ion cannons, after the dialogue with their battleship, I entered the formation with them manually using the formation maneuver. This time I just waited and my ship followed them automatically until we reached Arles station. I just docked and did the repairs. The rest was the same explored all 3 systems bought a new ship some new equipment and returned to earth. Another possible change is that I did not deviate anywhere in the campaign so far. Earlier I did to buy myself some ship in X systems. Now I arrived in Alsace with the ship I bought along the way, it's a Rapier VHF. The only deviation from the campaign is when I went to Custodian and bought the Black Eagle ship to finish the vanilla part of the campaign as quickly and easily as possible. In the end, in almost all attempts so far, I occasionally deviated from the campaign and did not strictly follow the marked paths, so that probably prevented the mission from triggering.

    Ok FINALLY!!! I am very proud because I can announce the final success. After many attempts I was able to return from the side story mission and continue with the Crossfire story with the ship and equipment bought from the French. Juny and King were in the bar waiting for me with the next mission. Now I can wait for you good people to continue working on a new story. Even those new worlds from the side story have great potential for the continuation of the story

    Have you saved entire content from my games-freelancer folder or just accts/Singleplayer? Maybe some settings in config files are wrong you dont need entire freelancer folder try to save just singleplayer folder. Did you deleted freelancer or just crossfire? You need to delete all along with leftover files and registry settings best if you use third party uninstaller. Then install in this order Freelancer. Crossfire and important thing all updates. Then start a game begin singleplayer campaign till the first save. Now you can exit game and copy your save games to singleplayer folder (not entire freelancer folder). One thing did you install all 3 fonts that game neaded? If all this dont work you probably have corupted freelancer or crossfire installation files try to download it again. Hope we see ya in space future pilot

    That is wery good results for multy core but for single core there must of be little throtling that is why i asked you to check temperatures im actualy consider this CPU over Ryzen 7 5700 or completely transfer to DDR 5 with 7000 series prices are better for Intel CPU but good boards are a little expencive AMD still cheaper in global.

    Congrats on your new build use it well and have fun im interested to see cinebench results and temps while you testing. I have intel in consideration so i would like some feedback from users if you have some time of course. That will also grant you insight of system stability so no time wasted :D

    If i understand you correctly you wanna transfer your licence to a new computer but if you have OEM licence that is inposible on the otherhand retail licence is bound to the Microsoft account and all you need is to log in while installing windows. Second thing you think that your old SSD is not compatible with the new system that is funny :D it will working trust me maybe not with full speeds but that is neglible. If you wanna keep monney there is another way for licencing windows even microsoft tech used it :D i can provide you with that. Or you can just clone your entire SSD to a new one as OP saids but that dont solve licencing issue. Edit I bought mine licence for 10 euros so paying more is to agree with microsoft rip off they dont care trust me they will get there monney thry microtransactions from windows it self :D

    That is good build. You should consider buying aditional fans later when you add new gpu that cpu also have bad habit to use a lot of power that goes to heat :D. My advice since you plan to use old GPU and considering that will be huge bottleneck i recomend you to lock voltage on that cpu and keep it at default frequencies so you get stable pc.

    32 gigs definetly OMG that latencys but you cant have it all. I use FURY RAMs also almost 4 years.Normally I would recommend GSkill RAM, but those Furys aren't bad either. Corsair Vengeance LP also excellent. You will also have to rely on luck whether you get Samsung Hynix or Micron memory modules, I was lucky I got Samsung B die sticks. As far as I know, GSkill uses almost exclusively Samsung memory modules. And obout that case that beauty have gooood airflow.