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    Yep i was right changing resolution does the trick stable 144 fps and exelent frame time in all situation even in MP. My graphic card can deal with shaders but that diferance in reso between 2 monitors somehow affects the fps and causes micro stuttering and lags, even though my GPU consumption is minimal. I have just one more question. maybe I'm asking too much, is it possible to add an option to choose the resolution in the launcher or the game itself, that would finally solve all my problems

    Ok i remember that from times before crossfire when i tried to change reso by hand :D I did manage to lower resolution but have to uncheck borderless window mode as a matter of fact i have to uncheck all boxes otherwise i get game on three quarters part of display :D maybe that is good for something who knows. I'm left to hope that some update doesn't return these settings to the old ones, and I miss borderless window-mode a little, but you can't have everything, right?Yet i'd like to thank you for your answer it's been helpful.

    I'm wondering, since I use two monitors, one is at 2K resolution while the other is at 1080p FHD, if that causes me problems when using the default shader. Now I have a theory, whether it is possible to reduce the resolution of the game to FHD from 2K, because I would still use the main monitor to display the game. I'm asking because I don't see the option anywhere in game options resultion is locked to 2K, I even checked "low resolution" in launcher options and nothing happened, I still can't lower the resolution. Is there somewhere in the folder where the game is located some configuration file where the resolution can be changed without ruining the game itself. Also, I wouldn't risk being banned from the multiplayer, that's why I haven't tried to tamper with the files so far. One more thing, is the resolution controlled by the main game or Crossfire? Thanks in advance for any response

    Edit: I tried to launch the launcher itself on the secondary monitor, but the game still launches on the main one.

    Another thing when installing Freelancer I had the option (since I'm using a repack version of freelancer adapted to higher resolutions) to choose a higher or default resolution. I chose high resolution, should I try to reinstall freelancer and select the vanilla version and then install crossfire again, would that affect the resolution selection?

    I think it depence of which shader you r using i cant see that box also but it was there before.Now im using default shader in SP but i have to use vanilla in MP cos i get freezes and stutters acasionally and i cant risk that if im in combat or runing.

    Lonz i dont even know how to react to this is it wrong post or you actually try to tell something eather way its totally out of context. Btw i rly think that this site dont deserve what you just said and i think that is quite helpful not by just admins but whole comunity

    Ok so updates "fix" the problem but main problem still persists. I was trying to help by advise you to start fresh i dont know if you listen but if you do how do you get to that mission this fast?!? One think is on my mind that you deleted all saves but that prior to problematic mision or you using "crouches" so my suspicions obout corupted saves still stand. So that problematic dll file now alows to be overwriten magically? Cos that is updates surposed to do overwrites old files.Rly without solving that mission you cant finish the game and im sorry that i was not helping. Obout that blur you can just uncheck that box at the shader options by pressing home.

    GunnyMike Somewhere on the way that "namesresources.dll" file gets corupted where, god knows if you are so desperate then do final step of desperation :D WINDOWS REINSTALLATION god knows i do that several times when some program didn't act as i want. It sounds that this file simple dont like to be overwriten maybe somwhere in scheduled tasks firewall blocks that overwrite its a freackin twilight zone. So last try before you actualy do the reinstallation. Try to install FreeLancer and crossfire at the same folder there will be actualy 2 folders inside one. Try to use diferent FL instalation just to cross that as problem. After vanilla game installation before CF fire up freelancer just to make a save games folder at user documents folder (if you done that earlyer then do the oposite dont touch FL icon). Then install CF after that you dont have to test all missions just do the mission one and compare size of that file between FL installation and CF if its the same problem persist then you can actualy do the desperation step :D. I dont have to tell you that updates are crucial you need them so do the all updates from louncher cheers

    Interesting ... for some reason on my PC is DX11/12 profile working much better in V2 variant. Recommended one have quite heavily stuttering and frozing moments.

    Yep for me the same i im starting game with all unnecesary proceses stoped even then my game heavily stuttered and freezing with v2 its better but still have to start game with vanilla legacy when i play MP

    I was wondering is it posible to integrate game it self (Freelancer) and the mod Crossfire and upload that as single download and installation.I'm sure it would even solve some compatibility issues. I am aware that there are copyright restrictions, but if you release this mod as a complete game that is non-commercial, I don't think there would be any problems. They would reduce the troubles of new players who have to download Freelancer and Crossfire separately and literally install two separate games. One mod of a popular sports game that is drastically younger has already done something similar and I don't think they have a problem with copyright, although it is not a giant like Microsoft. Don't take this as a request, just an idea, thank you

    Are you actualy play Freelancer from mounted CD? You need to install it first then guide your CF installation to Freelancer EXE . Or if you allready install it try to find it by right clickin icon of Freelancer and "open file location" usually is at C Program Files X86 no crack neaded no CD mount neaded.

    Well i played that SP campaign a lot of times and 1 thing is for certain you need a strong ship for the rest of CF campaign so VHF for sure. Now it's up to you to choose the ones with more armor or better weaponry. Heavy or fast and agile, whatever suits your playing style. The selection is large and you can find the list of all the ships in the game here on the swat portal. Ships - SWAT Portal. If you ask me personally what ship i like i used 4 diferent ships for 4 times i played campaign. Redemption, Hydra MK III, Deimos and Titus just for how it looks

    I dont know obout others but my job have diferent shifts so i dont play at same time. So no disadvantage for me for option 1. On the other hand with option 2 all players from diferent time zones will end up in same daytime or night time but cos of diferent time zones for some players will be night for some day that can be confusing. So ill go with option 1 it seams more natural to me

    Well this game like all other simmilar is FPS i hate to fly from the cockpit view. You loose the sense of controll in 3D universe and the fights are too realistic.Why is so hard to make game like Freelancer that only need better graphics and maybe bigger map. In Freelancer travell system is best so simple and perfect and in third person view you can see your ship and you have better navigation and sense of space. All developers making game sims that look more and more realistic and ruin the wery concept of game i allready have real life i dont like the games to do the same its GAME for fuck sake! I dont know maybe im too old :D

    You keep using old saves that are clearly corupted. My advice is to start fresh i mean rly fresh like clean dokuments folder and all traces of game from hard disk. Then step by step install game and start all from begining. If you afraid that some third party program AV or windows security like UAC will again corupt your game then install game in windows safe mode simple as that. Best solution is to install game at secondary partition to avoid denial of permisions and write protections(ive thone that). If you suspect that your copy of freelancer is not good i can provide you with mine copy, just contact me and i will upload game to my Google drive no need for crack ill provide you with any advice you need that is all from me.

    OK we both Martind Forlon and i was right my suspicions was graphic isues and Marinds corupted saves. Also i also was suspicios of software problems and forget that you using win7 and old redists like directx, vc_redists and netfx .Nevermind the game is old but crossfire is relatively new and using new platforms only by install. Transfering to win 10 solved some problems but corupted save remains. So delete game clean up and first install or update all things i mentioned get rid off any save that you have before and start fresh. Or you can just install win10 :D. Other then all this some virus or just software incompatibility can corupt saves which are located at dokuments folder not at game itself.

    By cleaning all you mean cleaning residue from registry also? I recomend using third party uninstalation software for cleaning im using revo uninstaller. Im teling you this becose your problems seam like some setings and some residue files remaining and make confusion with the new ones that hepened to me not with this game only then i sterted to use uninstalation software for true cleaning I do not advertise any software but cleaning registry base by hand is a drag and you can oversean something. Also have you try to install game and crossfire on another partition? I do that with all games and its working fine. And last but not least i recomend graphic driver update.

    Hi i dont know if im eligable to answer you but i can help you with this. Answer is some will do some not you can use "transfer" button for the equipement you want on new ship. On the left is new ship on the right is stuff you dont want and will not be on new ship and acording to that price is lower check stuff on the right if you miss something important (like your hydroxin truster) after purchase that is gone . Stuff like shields come automatically with new ship so you need to transfer and mount your stuff before purchase.