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    Hello, once more time i return to find this amazing mod/server still alive and kicking!

    Freelancer and Crossfire are two of the best gaming experiences for me till this date!

    Thank you for keeping this still around

    I am so happy to be able to still enjoy all of this! :) .

    Banned again but i should stop posting here.I will try few things i have been suggested.Tnx for the support!

    Should i do a clean re install?Been playing for a lot of hours and never had a problem, the miner worked fine as well.I was doing that trade run before restart multiple times.
    I always disable anti virus and firewall during installs/playing.
    I know i should have just restarted the game or change character after the first few kicks but i was stubborn.

    Hey i was in Magellan base with my miner and i couldnt launch with cargo, i was getting kicked out.Then i got the ban message.
    Would apreciate some help!The miner is called Boyster_Soul_Collector.

    I decided to come back after a time and still this mod amazes me more than any new sci fi games.The level of work done is insane.I hope everyone is good and thank you so much for keeping this alive and well!!

    I am honestly ....this..i mean...i just got a new tv(i play on tv) and i am like...oh huge tv....and i is this? is this freelancer? whats happening here? wow....i know it doesnt has any really
    value...but i gotta say...thank you, thank you for this piece of art , i know it sounds like i am licking *** or something but seriously....thank you!!!!

    How can something end when it doesnt even have a beginning?
    I laugh every time someone tries to explain how everything started,
    The ''time'' as you call it, is merely a bad invention created by an animal called ''human''.
    I wish i could go back in time(lol!) and somehow change our obsession from trying to answer how all these came to be,
    to an obsession of trying to find why.(Btw i am an atheist so no i am not talking religion stuff here)

    Freelancer 2??
    Star Citizen will be based in single player and the multiplayer combat will only be in pvp instances.That is nothing like Freelancer.
    You wont be able to participate in massive battles and you wont be able to roleplay in most systems.As Chris Robert said attacking other
    people will be heavily limited to some far away systems and you wont be able to find that battle cause its location will be a temporal to be deleted place.So no loot , no wrecks, battles that never happened , cant rejoin them or tell someone else where it is.
    Why wait 2 years for a game that will demand money(micro transactions to be able to enjoy the full features)
    and ofcourse do you really expect every private server will get those game updates you mention? Thats impossible.
    Ofcourse he is claiming the micro transaction benefits can be obtained through free hard work too,
    so yeah go play 500 hours to get a small upgrade.

    I am not hoping cause i know when it comes out, the guys like you will go all ragging around, I have seen it many times, i guess i am gonna
    see it one more time.
    Support Crossfire , it will be better than this glorious space game which might come after two years.