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  • What is a good laptop for playing Freelancer?

    I am not a serious gamer/web surfer/electronics geek etc. But am looking for an affordable laptop that will work for kicking around on Freelancer and other older games.

    I am willing to buy used or new. I don't really game but get an urge to play something for a few hours every couple of months or so. Not really interested in a desktop.

    Any recommendations?

  • probably be better option to buy a desktop in all fairness having the option to upgrade is always a strong point if theres a game u want to play and a laptop does not cut it

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  • I play it on my laptop with no issues, so I get it why you want to be on a laptop.

    Anywho, there are affordable laptops around 700-800$ with an Intel i7 Quad Core (either old or new generation) & Nvidia GPUs (GTX 1050-1070) and the more VRAM they have, the better though (just make sure that you get 2GB of VRAM or more). You can play Freelancer and older (even some new games) with no issues, also 6-8GB of RAM will also be enough.

    That's the prices in where I am though (I just converted them to the dollar price), so I guess they'd be around the same price of where you live too.