Which Way Back to Inner Core?

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  • Hi guys. Is there any other way back to inner core?:sos: For some reason that eludes me, the guys running the GMG Resesarch facility in Omega 3 is hostile to me. Those Ion Cannons are a pain in the ass, and da@£$%&mn straight shooters to. :schimpf: i wonder why they hated me? We were good buddies back when they needed me to close the worm hole in inner core.:blush2:

    Da@£%&*mn those GMG's, the're a bunch of users!!! :vinsent:

  • you can goto Dervon and kill 3 Ancient drones should be enough for the GMG to be your friends again

    Omega 41 north east quarter jh to Utopia inside the large rock asteroid in the northern half of Utopia jh to Dervon

    dock the GMG base in the asteroid field before trying to kill the drones

    for the other way into the inner core fly to New Hongkong in Altair and you can go in through the open jg in the north east quarter of the sector

    good flying mate :) :)

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