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  • Greetings mates,

    So far I using multible Windows User to generate differend MP-ID's. I plan to build a new Computer and tryed to store the ID's with the account Manager. That works so far but if I try to start one of the Id's with the Account Manager I get an error Code on the Launcher E000001AC. Do I use the wrong Account Manager and what is the best way to safe all ID's for the new Computer with Windows 10?

    Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.


  • Thanks for the fast reply Fox. I tryed the -NG Version too were I set the path to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Freelancer (....\Freelancer\EXE doesnt work) with the same result.
    22:49:24.787 --> [i]:Launcher is updated...
    22:49:24.787 --> [x]:Error Launcher Update [E000001AC]

    If I start without Account Manger each single ID on the differend Windows Users all works fine.
    Another solution for me is the command line how to start Freelancer with differend ID or Account key + I can write my own Manager...

  • Jus if it doesn't work,I use the Freelancer ID Changer, pretty simple. I hadn't ever got problems with that ...

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  • With FAM-ng path is only needed if you start FL from it.
    FAM-ng detects accounts from registry when starting up and ask if you want account registered.
    So if you use FL ID changer, just startup FAM-ng after each ID switch. Soon you will have all IDs in FAM-ng database (database is a txt-file :) - backup!)
    FAM-ng also have group feature (attached picture) and a note area.
    Imho the best ID tool available.


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