Crossfire mod 1.9 crashing during launch + will I keep my server character if I switch to crossfire 2.0 ?

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  • Hi everybody !

    It has been a long time since my last play on Swat portal crossfire server.

    Then I decided to go with the new 2.0 mod version (I still have my original Freelancer installation and FLMM 1.3 with Crossfire 1.9 activated)

    I first tried to lanch the 1.9 version through FLMM, it downloaded new files and launched well.
    I saw that the Swat server was now in 2.0 version.

    I read during the previous launch that I might have to restart freelancer for changes to be applied.
    I tried so and then the game crashes when I try to launch it through FLMM

    I didn't changed anything to my FLMM or crossfire install, just launched, OK, then exit an re-launch, and then "Crash".

    I plan to switch to crossfire 2.0 now but my main question is, will I keep my existing Character and stuff from Swat Portal server when it was on 1.9 crossfire version ?
    Do I have to be careful for something during install of the new mod version in order to keep things ?


  • uninstall Crossfire 1.9, flmodmanager and freelancer. clean your registry with i.e. ccleaner. install freelancer, flmodmanager and crossfire 2.0. with your saved flid-file you can run your old chars in 2.0.