Special Access Permits for Omicron Gamma

  • Please post requests for access permits into Omicron Gamma

    Fill out the form neatly and legibly

    Ship Type:
    Reason for Permit:
    Current Standing with Corsairs:
    Clan: (Optional)
    Please mark all that apply:
    - Pirate (Current/Former
    - Smuggler
    - Law Enforcement
    - Bounty Hunter
    - Merchant
    - Transport Pilot
    - Military (Retired/Active Duty)
    *Multiple Ships require multiple applications
    *Allies of RA are exempt from permit requirements
    *Permit Requirements are subject to change
    *Trespassing prior to application approval may result in a denied permit application

    In order to Qualify for a permit you must meet one or more of the following criteria as determined by RA leadership
    Player level over Level 65
    Donations/gifts valued over $1,500,000 Credits
    Proven Combat skills
    Pending Republic Alliance Initiate status